Performance made easy
Your approach to production and performance will feel instinctive thanks to the hands-on natural of the Bluebox. The 3.5″ touchscreen, physical knobs, navigation and transport buttons ensure there’s no deliberation or second guessing. What’s more, the inclusion of a MIDI input and output allows you to sync the recorder’s clock with external gear. This will prove particularly useful when it comes to synchronising your effects or performing to a click track.

What’s Included
Bluebox digital recording mixer
A microSD card with bluebox firmware and pre-loaded project files
A USB power cable and AC adapter with 3 international adapters
Two MIDI adapters – Male 3.5 mm TRS to Female 5 pin DIN, MIDI Class B standard
A quick start guide to show you the basics (full user manual available online)
Track mode allows you to focus on one track at a time
Provides independent manipulation of the level and mute state of each output
Sculpt and shape your sound with the on-board equaliser
Sync to external clocks through the MIDI Input and Output
Direct high-quality recording possibilities straight on to your microSD card in either stereo or multi-track format
Monitor previously recorded tracks while recording new ones
Load firmware updates through the microSD card
Save and recall Project settings including all parameters for tracks, outputs, EQ and effects
Record and playback format: 48k, 24-bit audio WAV files
Number of EQ bands per track: Four
Controllers: 3.5” touch screen, four knobs, eight navigation buttons and three transport buttons
Processing: Reverb, Delay, Compression
Number of independently controlled stereo 3.5mm TRS outputs: Three
Number of tracks:
Stereo: Six
Mono: Twelve
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 5″ x 2″ (14 cm x 13 cm x 5 cm)
Weight: 450 grams

Vekt 1 kg