Arp Odyssey-M-1

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• Duofonisk design med to VCOer
• Kompakt desktop versjon
• MIDI IN & USB MIDI-tilkobling
• Mini-patch-kabler for å koble moduler sammen

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Korg ARP Odyssey Rev1 is a compact yet powerful analog synthesizer module featuring a duophonic design with two VCOs.

The Korg ARP Odyssey Rev1 is a modern version of the classic ARP odyssey first seen in 1972, retaining its analog characteristics while improving its functionality thanks to modern innovations. The module gives you all the controls and parameters you need to make your own complex and rich synth sounds. The ARP Odyssey Rev features a noise generator with white and pink noise settings plus ARP?s infamous low-pass filter circuit. Additionally the ARP Odyssey Rev1 features a MIDI IN connector and USB MIDI port for recording and connecting the module to your computer.

Duophonic design with two VCOs
A rich variety of modulation
Oscillator sync provides sharp, great-sounding overtones
Noise generator provides two types of noise: white and pink
LFO and sample & Hold are provided, with switchable routing
The DRIVE switch generates extreme and aggressive sounds
Envelope generator with two types: ADSR and AR
The original PPC based on a rubber pad has been reproduced
MIDI IN connector and USB MIDI port are provided for digital connectivity

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