Arturia AudioFuse Classic Silver (REV 1)

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• USB-2.0 lydkort med 14 inn/14 ut
• 24-bit/192 kHz

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To maintain total control over the performance of each component in the AudioFuse, Arturia designed their own microphone preamps. Inspired by the classic designs of the golden age of analog, they used cutting edge technology to enhance the latest generation of discrete components. One listen and you’ll never look back.


While preamps are critical, the resulting analog signal has to be converted to the digital world for your computer, tablet, or phone. To attain this, they chose the AKM® premium series converters, known for their outstanding quality. Another factor that distinguishes between budget and high-end digitizing is timing accuracy. That’s why we built the reference clock on an exceedingly accurate, fully temperature-compensated oscillator with outstanding 20ppm stability. They even paired it to a sophisticated clock recovery and jitter elimination system to ensure that you get the pristine sound you demand, whatever the conditions.


It’s a well-known fact that the quality of an audio chain is never stronger than its weakest link. That’s why AudioFuse is built with obsessive attention to detail at every stage, including a fully symmetrical and nearly capacitor-free input stages. Unlike most interfaces on the market, there isnt a compromise in audio quality by combining preamp and line in with an attenuator—they’re separate signal paths. There’s no breakout cable to degrade signal either—all connections are solidly onboard. Next-generation analog/digital converters deliver audio with startling transparency at sampling rates up to 192kHz. Even the potentiometers are custom built to Arturia’s exacting specs. Sound serious? It is.


AudioFuse gives you exceptionally high quality analog inputs that capture every nuanced detail. In addition to line-level signals, the two XLR combo-jack inputs on the front let you record high impedance instruments like electric guitars and basses, as well as your microphones. AudioFuse can take anything you throw at it, and reveal every subtlety. Do you need more? The ¼” TRS jacks and RIAA, grounded phono RCA inputs let you add two line level instruments or a turntable for recording or scratching your vinyl LPs.


AudioFuse is the master of the digital realm. Beyond its main Plug & Play USB connection letting you connect AudioFuse to your computer, tablet or phone, you will find optical or coaxial S/PDIF I/O to link it with your HIFI devices. You can use AudioFuse together with other ADAT-enabled equipment to give your inputs and outputs a boost, too. Easily bank up an extra set of mic pre-amps and record a whole band at once. AudioFuse also features innovative, space-saving breakout MIDI connections, opening up a whole new world of exciting sounds, outboard synths, and sound modules to your setup.


To get the best idea of how your music truly sounds, you’ll often need to compare multiple sets of reference monitors and speakers. AudioFuse features 2 sets of line outputs so you can quickly, efficiently send your mix to different monitoring systems to make sure your mix translates well. The amazing output options don’t stop there, AudioFuse has two separate headphone ouputs with both 6.3mm and 3.5mm so you’ll never have to hunt for adapters again. These outputs can also be put to great use on stage, bu

2 DiscretePRO microphone preamps
2 RIAA phono preamps
4 analog inputs
2x Mic/Instrument/Line (XLR / 1/4″ TRS)
2x Phono/Line (RCA / 1/4″ TRS)
4 analog outputs (1/4″ TRS)
2 analog inserts (1/4″ TRS)
ADAT in/out
S/PDIF in/out
Word clock in/out
MIDI in/out
24-bit next-generation A-D/D-A converters at up to 192kHz sampling rate
Talkback with dedicated built-in microphone (up to 96 kHz Sample Rate)
A/B speaker switching
Direct monitoring
2 independent headphone outputs
Separate master and monitor mix channels
USB interface with PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux compatibility
3-port USB hub
3 models: Classic Silver, Space Grey, Deep Black
Aluminum chassis, hard leather-covered top cover
DiscretePRO® Technology


Input impedance: 20kΩ (symmetric), 10kΩ (asymmetric)
Maximum input level: +24dBu
Gain range: from -15dB to 36dB
Pad mode: -20dB
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: < +/- 0,08 dB
Dynamic range: 106dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -101dB (A-weighted)

Input impedance: 1.1MΩ asymmetric
Maximum input level: +18dBu
Gain range: from -15dB to 36dB
Pad mode: -20dB
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: < +/- 0,08 dB
Dynamic range: 106dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -101dB (A-weighted)

Input impedance: 20kΩ (symmetric), 10kΩ (asymmetric)
Maximum input level: +24dBu
Pad mode: -20dB
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: < +/- 0,08 dB
Dynamic range: 106dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -101dB (A-weighted)

Input impedance: 4kΩ
Maximum input level: +11dBu
Gain range: from 3dB to 76dB
Boost mode : +10dB ; Pad mode : -20dB
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz: < +/- 0,08 dB
Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): -130.7dBu (A-weighted)
THD+N: -104dB (A-weighted)

Output impedance: 33Ω
Input impedance: 10kΩ
Dynamic range: 119dB (A-weighted)
Maximum output level: +18dBu
Maximum Input level: +18dBu
THD+N: -104dB (A-weighted)

Output impedance: 120Ω
Maximum output level: +24dBu
Dynamic range: 119dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -96dB (A-weighted)

Output impedance: 33Ω
Maximum output level: +10dBu
Dynamic range: 102dB (A-weighted)
THD+N: -87dB (A-weighted)
Manufacturer: Arturia
SKU: I373116-N-0-WHXC



Arturia er en fransk produsent av musikkutstyr som ble grunnlagt i 1999. Selskapet har spesialisert seg på å skape innovative og høykvalitets synthesizere og kontrollere for musikkproduksjon. Arturia er kjent for å kombinere den nyeste teknologien med vintage estetikk for å gi musikere og produsenter den ultimate lydopplevelsen. Deres produkter brukes av mange profesjonelle artister og musikkprodusenter over hele verden.
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