Arturia Beatstep Pro Black Edition


Kraftig og allsidig step sequencer med tilkobling for MIDI/DIN/SYNC

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Melodic Sequencer
BeatStep Pro features two melodic step sequencers. Record note pitch, length and velocity in real-time with the pads or an external keyboard and hear your sequence play back, quantized at the step resolution or additionally you can also enter them in step mode using the touch-sensitive knobs and step buttons.

Drum Sequencer
Alongside the two monophonic melodic sequencers, BeatStep Pro also features a 16 track drum sequencer. Once again, these sequences can be recorded in real-time by banging the pads, or with a classic drum machine workflow, by entering steps. The knobs can be used to define the note length and velocity, but also to shift them from the grid quantization, in order to get exactly the kind of groove you want.

MIDI Controller
Beatstep Pro fits nicely in any studio. Used as a MIDI controller, it provides enough knobs, pads, transport controls for any use. All of these controls are fully customisable, using the included MIDI Control Center application. The drum and melodic sequencers make it a perfect companion to any DAW, offering a new approach to composition.

16 Projects each with 16 x 2 Sequences, 16 Drum Sequences and a Controller Map
Performance Controls
Randomizer with Amount and Probability Settings
Real-Time Looper/Roller Touch Strip
Independent Swing Amount Per Sequence
Touch Sensitive Knobs
Tap Tempo
2 Monophonic Step Sequencers
Up to 64 Steps Per Sequence
Note, Velocity and Gate Time Settings Per Step
Note Tie
16 Track Drum Sequencer
One Track Per Pad
MIDI Controller Mode
Fully Customisable for Knobs, Step Buttons and Velocity and Pressure Sensitive Pads
Send MIDI CC, Note Data, Program Changes
CV/Gate Outputs (1 Volt Per Octave CV, 10 Volt Gates)
8 Drum Gate Outputs
Clock Sync with Multiple Standards
MIDI In/Out with Supplied MIDI Adaptors
USB Class Compliant
Kensington Lock
Complete with CV cables for connecting to outboard synths and other equipment