Ultimate Sequencing Powerhouse
The Arturia Beatstep Pro is the ultimate sequencing powerhouse. It thrives at the center of a diverse and powerful system, and is designed to be compatible with almost any hardware or computer-based device. The Beatstep features 2 independent step-sequencers and a drum sequencer, making it a versatile tool for your studio. Utilise the Beatstep Pro as a MIDI controller, and take control of the customisable knobs, pads, and transport controls for producing creative music. The 2 melodic step-sequencers allow you to record note pitch, length, and velocity in real-time with the pads or external keyboard. It also features a 16-track drum sequencer, which also allows for sequences to be recorded in real-time by hitting the pads, providing a classic drum machine style workflow.

Ideal For Live Performance
The Arturia Beatstep Pro provides all the functions you need to create a dynamic and unique performance. It lets you connect up and take control of multiple devices, making it the ideal centerpiece for your performance. Beatstep Pro brings a looper with a touch strip, randomiser, swing settings, and a range of hands-on controls that allow for tweaking and creating dynamic sequences in real-time. The touch-sensitive looper/roller strip lets you easily create beat fills and breaks. You can use the control mode to trigger clips in your DAW, and play sounds from an external device. The 3 integrated sequencers and 16 projects, each of them loaded with 16 sequences per sequencers, means endless ideas and possibilities. Modify your sequence on-the-fly whilst it is running, and everything will stay in sync thanks to the rock-solid analog and MIDI clock I/O connections.

Connects Easily With Other Equipment
The Beatstep Pro allows you to easily connect to virtually any musical device including computers, virtual instruments, modular synths, and drum machines using its extensive connectivity options. The Beatstep Pro features USB, MIDI in and out, CV/gate outputs, clock in and out, and DIN sync, allowing you to integrate a range of external devices.

2 monophonic step sequencers (up to 64 steps per sequence)
16-track drum sequencer (one track per pad)
Fully customisable for knobs, step buttons, and velocity and pressure-sensitive pads
16 projects each with 16 x 2 sequences, 16 drum sequences and a controller map
Performance controls
Randomiser with amount and probability settings
Real-time looper/roller touch strip
Independent swing amount per sequence
Touch-sensitive knobs
Tap tempo
Pressure-sensitive pads
Connect with a range of external equipment
Includes 2x MIDI adapters, 1x clock adapter, 1x anti groud-loop adapter
Kensington lock
CV/gate outputs
8 drum gate outputs
Clock sync with multiple standards
MIDI in/out
USB class-compliant
Dimensions: 415 x 163 x 36mm
Weight: 1.45kg

Vekt 1,5 kg