Expansive Functionality
The Arturia BeatStep offers a range of functionality and performance features. The BeatStep features 16 assignable encoders, 16 pads/buttons, and 16 presets, providing you with a flexible pad controller. The BeatStep allows you to trigger audio clips using the pads within software environments such as Ableton Live, or play drums with FXpansion BFD and Toontrack EZdrummer. Use the pads to trigger clips, then use the 16 encoders to control parameters and settings, allowing for real-time control. The 16 pads are velocity and pressure-sensitive. They can be used to create dynamic percussion performances, and are conveniently brightly lit, enabling you to see and perform in low lighting situations. Whether you are working with your DAW, VST instrument or effect, drum software, DJ app, MIDI synth, or analog gear, the BeatStep gives you the control you need.

Portable Pad Controller For Studio & On Stage
The BeatStep is ideal for both on stage and creating music in the studio. In sequencer mode the pads become each step in your sequence, whilst the encoders allow you to adjust pitch. The ultra-sensitive pads allow for dynamic performances, allowing you to play drums, and trigger sequences on-the-fly. Up to 16 sequence patterns can be saved and instantly recalled. The Arturia BeatStep can also be used as a general purpose control surface. The pads can be configured to be MIDI CC buttons, or can be assigned to send program and bank change messages, as well as note messages. Its compact, portable design makes it easily transportable, allowing you to take it from studio to stage effortlessly.

Easy Integration With External Equipment
The Arturia BeatStep features a range of connectivity that allows it to easily integrate with external equipment. The USB connection allows you to connect to a computer or iPad, and run through software. Its MIDI port, allows you to connect and control a drum module, or other MIDI-compatible gear. Additionally, the BeatStep features CV/gate inputs, allowing you to connect it to analog synthesizers such as the MiniBrute and MicroBrute, providing you with a flexible, portable pad controller.

What’s In The Box
Arturia Beatstep
USB cable
MIDI adaptor
16 velocity and pressure-sensitive pads
Blacklit LED lighting (red – control mode, blue – SEQ mode)
Works as pad/knob controller, and step-sequencer
16 assignable encoders with 2 modes (MIDI CC, NRPN/RPN)
16 user presets
Play with any drum software
Connect with analog synthesizers
Connect with Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato, or any other DJ/clip playback software
Control MIDI-compatible gear
Compact, portable design
Multiple pad modes
Send MIDI clock with start/stop, send MMC play and stop messages
Kensington lock port
Includes USB cable, and MIDI adapter
Dimensions: 324 x 127 x 16mm
Weight: 0.9kg

Vekt 1 kg