10 Hard-Hitting Analog Drum Sounds
Building on the success of the original Drumbrute, the Drumbrute Impact sees a revamped design and new sound. The drum machine includes 10 cutting-edge analog percussion sounds. The percussion sounds include everything from high-impact kick drums to searing hats and powerful snares.

The analog circuitry delivers classic warmth and grit associated with classic synths. The unique sound is sought-after in the music world for its unique tonal characteristics. Analog sounds are revered for their rich and hard-hitting tonality.

Innovative Colour Sound-Shaping
One of the most unique controls is the ‘Colour’ function. You can use the Colour functionality to introduce unique, per-instrument effects for tonal variation. This can be used to add distortion, extra snap or crack to your sounds.

You can even create automated changes by using the Colour control within a sequence. The built-in distortion also offers added crunch for your sounds.

Powerful 64-Step Sequencer
The powerful integrated sequencer allows you to create rhythms and patterns on the fly. The 64-step sequencer provides the ability to store and recall up to 64 patterns.

You can use the sequencer to create everything from drum and percussive loops to creating melodic patterns and polyrhythms. An integrated touch-strip allows you change your sound in real-time. You can use the touch strip to generate beat-repeats, glitches and filtering for live sounds. This makes the Drumbrute Impact perfect as a live performance instrument.

Looper, Roller, Polyrhythm and Swing
Versatile performance controls and filters allows you to get the most of our patterns and sounds. The Looper, Step Repeat and Roller functions allow you to mix up your rhythms and sequences. It provides added control for live performances, allowing you to loop or roll sections on the fly.

The Swing feature changes the style and timing of your sounds. You can use the natural ‘Swing’ feature to add extra groove into your sequences, adding subtle time shifts to create a natural feel.

Headphone Output and Group Outputs
The Drumbrute Impact includes a wide range of connection options. You can hook up the unit with virtually any other synths, sequencer or MIDI controller. A 3.5mm headphone output allows you to monitor your sound privately. It can also be used for practising without the need for speakers.

Group outputs are also available, with four additional outputs for the Kick, Snares, Hi-Hats or the FM sound. You can use the outputs to send the sound for post-processing with external gear.

Compact and Portable
The compact yet robust design makes the unit highly portable. You can fit it easily within a backpack or a satchel for ease of transportation.

The Drumbrute includes a wide range of premium-grade components and controls, such as the ultra-durable and responsive pads. Each channel features its own dedicated potentiometers for controlling decay, pitch, tone and other parameters.

The rugged construction ensures a long life-span with ultra-durable components. The rear of the unit also features clock I/O connectivity as well as MIDI I/O, providing syncing and interfacing capabilities.

10 in-your-face analog sounds: high-impact drum sounds, including a chest-pounding kick, two face-slapping snares, hi and low toms, a zingy cymbal, searing hats, a massive FM synth sound, and a cowbell
Powerful sequencer: 64 patterns with up to 64 steps
Polyrhythm: set unique pattern lengths for each instrument
Looper: for glitchy beat-repeats
Roller: add per instrument drum fills
Songs: chain up to 16 patterns, save up to 16 songs
Swing: add some groove to your rhythm, either globally or per drum
Randomness: add unpredictable variations to your pattern
Output distortion: rich, specially voiced distortion on the output to add some filth when you need it, and bypass when you don’t
Sync to anything: connect to practically any hardware or software instruments, sequencers, or interfaces with MIDI, clock, or USB
3.5mm headphone output
Metronome: removed from the main output when headphones are connected, so you hear it and not your audience
Group outputs: four additional outputs to send the Kick, Snares, Hi Hats, or the FM Sound out separately for post-processing
Colour: unique to DrumBrute Impact, “Colour” can be activated per instrument, or per step. Colour adds overdrive to the kick, make the snares snap and crack, and excites the hats, toms, and FM sound
Dimensions: 350 x 290 x 90 mm / 13.77 x 11.41 x 3.54 inch
Weight: 1.84kg / 4,05lb

Vekt 2,5 kg