Compact 37-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
Track your notes with the RGB LED keyboard indicators
Combine melodies and rhythm with the 64-step sequencer with 8 patterns
Live recording and step recording sequencer modes
Overdub and mono recording options
New Chord modes offers 12 different chord varieties as well as a user-defined chord
Unique strum, velocity and note controls for Chord mode
Quantise notes to the scale of your choice using the ‘Scale’ mode
16 assignable and adjustable MIDI cc controls, ideal for automation and more
USB, MIDI, CV and clock connectivity
Complete with Ableton Live Lite to get you started straight out of the box
Number of keys: 37
Keybed: Slimkeys
Velocity: Yes
AfterTouch: Yes
Keybed LED feedback: Yes
Built-in sequencer tracks: 1
Sequencer Polyphony: 8
Sequencer pattern slots per track: 8
Sequencer playing modes: 1
Drum sequencer: No
Pattern chaining: No
Built-in arpeggiator: Yes
Arpeggiator modes: 8
Arpeggiator octave range: 5 +/- 3 octaves
Scale quantise: Yes
Chord mode: Yes
Chord strum/velocity feature: Yes
MIDI CC control: Yes
MIDI CC automation: No
Display: LED
Metronome: No
Project save: No
MIDI I/O: 1 In / 1 Out
MIDI over USB: Yes
CV outputs: 3
Drum gate outputs: No
Clock sync I/O: Yes
Sustain pedal input: Yes

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