Back in Black!
Building on the success of the original Arturia KeyStep Pro’s design, this limited edition version features a sleek black finish. This version retains the same functionality as the original, with a black finish designed for collectors and musicians who want to colour co-ordinate their gear.

What’s new in Firmware Update 2.0
An exciting new update has been released for the Arturia Keystep Pro, giving you a host of feature improvements to give you even more control over your performance and editing. Global transpose has been implemented to allow you to transpose multiple melodic tracks at the same time, as well as a Global Value offset to apply a relative offset for any of your five main controls for every step across your selected track pattern. Vast improvements has been made to the Arpeggio functionality, where now you can record arpeggios into a sequence, add swing amount to arpeggios and even create and play arpeggios while KeyStep Pro isn’t playing!

Get the best out of your chord performances with Recording Chord mode, giving you the flexibility to record Chord Mode chords into a sequence to playback and now you can trigger sequence steps without playing a full sequence to preview how your notes or chords from Chord Mode sound with the Step Listen function. Various improvements have been carried out in the background to give you a better workflow and user experience, allowing you to get the best from your KeyStep Pro! Lastly, you can now use your MIDI Out 2 as a MIDI THRU function, now your KeyStep Pro can integrate with your existing hardware to create a truly limitless performance.

Packed with features
The Keystep Pro provides four independent polyphonic sequencer tracks, a 16-part integrated drum sequencer and a range of intuitive controls. This is combined with a slim key, 3-octave keyboard with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. For practice sessions and studio environments, the Keystep Pro provides a metronome with an included speaker and line output separate from the main output.

Never run out of sequencers
The Arturia Keystep Pro offers a huge amount of sequencer potential in a compact design. The four-track step sequencer is capable of 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence. This offers 16 notes of polyphony per step, ensuring plenty of scope for sound creation. The Melodic sequencer is capable of real-time recording, step recording and step editing. Controls are also provided for precise editing of each notes pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability.

Great for the stage
Features such as multi-mode arpeggiator, randomness, easychord mode, and real-time recording make for exciting live performances. The crisp OLED display and LED backlit controls ensure that you always have visual feedback of your performance. The 37-note keybed also features LED’s above each key, perfect for club environments.

A range of connectivity options
For connecting your hardware and software equipment together, the Keystep Pro offers 4 CV, gate and mod outputs, eight dedicated drum gate outputs, clocks, MIDI in, 2 MIDI outs, a solo metronome output, a sustain input and USB for easy power and DAW/softsynth control.

37 note slim keys, velocity and aftertouch sensitive with LED above each key for efficient visual feedback
Four track step sequencer with 16 step buttons, up to 64 steps per sequence
Up to 16 notes of polyphony per step-melodic sequencer with Real
Time recording, step recording, step editing
Pitch, velocity, gate length, time shift and probability for each note
Scale quantization with user scales-Polyphonic CV outputs
24-part drum sequencer with Polyrhythm
Performance-oriented sequencer with Forward and two random playing modes, Pattern randomisation, Quantised or unquantised recording, and Looping
Arpeggiator: 7 arpeggiator modes, 5 octave range
Chord mode
Controller mode: Use the 5 encoders to send CCs and automate the CCs
Crisp OLED display
4x (CV, Gate, Mod) outputs + 8 drum gate outputs
1 MIDI in, 2 MIDI out, USB, Clock synchronization
Metronome with included speaker and line output
Number of keys: 37
Keybed: Slimkeys
Velocity: Yes
AfterTouch: Yes
Keybed LED feedback: Yes
Built-in sequencer tracks: 4
Sequencer polyphony: 16
Sequencer pattern slots per tracks: 16
Sequencer playing modes: 3
Drum sequencer: Yes
Pattern chaining: Yes
Built-in arpeggiator: Yes
Arpeggiator modes: 7
Arpeggiator octave range: 5
Scale quantise: Yes
Chord mode: Yes
Chord strum/velocity feature: No
MIDI CC control: Yes
MIDI CC automation: 4
Display: OLED
Metronome: Yes
Project save: Yes
MIDI I/O: 1 In / 2 Outs
MIDI over USB: Yes
CV outputs: 12
Drum gate outputs: 8
Clock sync I/O: Yes
Sustain pedal input: Yes
Dimensions (length x width x height): 589 x 209 x 38 mm
Weight: 2.7 kg

Vekt 2,7 kg