Arturia MatrixBrute


Kraftig analog synth

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Make Your Mark
MatrixBrute makes the most of each module through a matrix that offers thousands of potential modulation routings. You can invent a sound palette of your own and make your mark on any song.

The matrix can also recall presets. It features 256 memory locations including 128 groundbreaking factory presets, allowing you to create your own patches or use the varied palette of factory sounds. MatrixBrute packs the power of a modular synthesizer with the indispensable ability to save each patch.

The Matrix is also used to create and play sequences so you can jam directly on your analog synthesizer. Sounds can evolve in melody and texture, exactly the way you want.

True Analog Effects
The high-grade analog effects maintain a 100 percent analog signal path. The effects range from chorus and delays to reverbs and more, plus it also has a great arpeggiator.

MatrixBrute is easy to understand, a phenomenal source of inspiration and a truly empowering instrument. It offers tons of connections so you can work in any setup. It sports a quality keybed and a solid chassis so you can take it with you anywhere.

The analog effects can also be extensively modulated and forms an integral part of the sound engine, combined with audio inputs and Envelope Follower, turns MatrixBrute into a wild external audio processor as well as an extraordinary analog synthesizer.

MatrixBrute is analog at heart, therefore beyond standard MIDI, USB and studio audio connectivity, it features no less than 24 CV connections on the rear panel allowing extensive interfacing with compatible analog synthesizers and modular systems. Its matrix panel also doubles as a visual control interface for the interactive 64-step sequencer provided onboard, and panel controls both send and receive MIDI information for computer automation possibilities.

Two exponential analog oscillators
Combination VCO/LFO oscillator
Noise generator
Audio Mod
Performance controls
Voice modes
Two LFOs
Steiner-Parker filter
Ladder filter
Filter routing
Three envelope generators
256 memory locations
The Matrix
True analog effects
Advanced sequencer and arpeggiator
49-key keyboard
Master audio outputs
Control Voltage interfacing
Audio input
Gate input and output
Sync in and out
Pedal inputs
MIDI interfacing
Mono/duophonic analog synthesizer
256 presets (factory & user combined)
2 analog exponential VCOs:
Saw + UltraSaw, Square + Pulse width, Triangle + Metalizer, Sub
1 Analog Linear VCO/LFO
Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine waveforms; LFO time divisions; Key track
VCO 2>1 Hard Sync
Audio Mod:
VCO1>2 ; VCO1 VCO2 ; VCF 1
VCO3 > VCF 2 ; VCF1 VCF2
Noise Generator:
White ; Pink ; Red ; Blue noise types
5-input audio mixer with filter routing
Steiner-Parker filter with 12+24 dB per octave modes; Drive; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Notch
Ladder filter with 12+24 dB per octave modes; Drive; Brute factor; Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass
2 LFO’s
Sine, Tri, Square, Ramp, Saw, Random, S&H
3 envelope generators
2 Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
1 Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
External Audio In
16×16 Matrix modulation panel
64-step sequencer
STEP enable, Slide, Accent, Modulation
Save and recall sequence patterns on the fly
Analog Effects
Stereo delay, Delay, Flanger, Chorus, Analog Reverberator
12 CV / Gate inputs/outputs
Audio Input, Line or Instrument level
Stereo audio output
MIDI and USB i/o
Pedal inputs for expression and sustain