ASM Hydrasynth Explorer


8-voice polyphony synth

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The Hydra hits the road
A highly compact and portable version of the beloved Hydrasynth with battery-power that can last up to four hours, that doesn’t skimp on any of the features that made the original so great. The eight voices and powerful sound engine of the original Hydrasynth, complete with the same modulators (five LFOs and five envelopes), Mutators, and a slightly scaled-down 37-key version of their PolyTouch keybed. So you can get all of the sound of the Hydrasynth in a smaller, more affordable package.

Staggering sound design
Three morphing wave oscillators per voice means that the Hydrasynth Explorer can still create the rich, layered digital sounds that made the original unit so popular. Five LFOs, five DAHDSR envelopes and 155 modulation destinations means that you can route almost anything you can imagine.

Dual-filter richness
With two filters, one modelling filter based upon sixteen of the most popular filter designs ever made, and a second filter with a fixed 12 dB per octave slope and an SEM-style design with a sweepable mode from low-pass to notch to high-pass. Both filters can be used in parallel or series for versatile tone-sculpting options.

37-key ASM Polytouch keybed – fully polyphonic aftertouch for fluid expressiveness
Battery-operable housing with up to 4 hours life (8 x AA batteries required, not included)
Three oscillators with 219 single cycle waveforms
Mutators – allows you to modulate oscillators 1 and 2, bending them to your will
FM-Linear – An instant classic, allowing you to create those classic FM tones. Choose multiple FM sources, including external inputs
Wavestack™ – Similar to a unison effect, Wavestacking allows you to stack five instances of a wave of your choosing and detune them to create thick, aggressive sounds
Hard Sync – This gives you those classic hard sync sounds. Try hard syncing a morphing wavetable for a very unique sound
Pulse Width – Flexible pulse width modulation that can be applied to any input
PW – Squeeze – This is a different form of pulse width modulation that creates a smoother sound
PW-ASM – Variable pulse width modulation that cuts your sound into eight sections and allows you to customise how much PWM happens in each section for extremely dynamic sounds
Harmonic Sweep – this will sweep the harmonics of the incoming sound
PhazDiff – Takes the input signal, shifts the phase, and joins it with the original signal, vary the phase with a modulation source for some otherworldly noises
Onboard mixer, noise generator and ring modulator
First filter has 11 different filter models
Second filter is 12dB per octave SEM-style filter with state variable
Five low-frequency oscillators for monstrous bass generation
5 DAHDSR envelopes
Flexible and deep modulation matrix with 29 user definable modulators and 155 modulation destinations. Almost anything you can imagine can become a modulation destination
Arpeggiator for generating melodic patterns
Crisp OLED display providing visual feedback
256 custom-made factory presets from the best patch designers in the world
Six delays and four deep reverbs, modelled on some of the most popular sounds of all-time
Pre-effects and post-effects section consisting of chorus, flanger, rotary, phaser, lo-fi, tremolo, EQ, compressor (with sidechain), and distortion
Keybed: PolyTouch Keybed with velocity and aftertouch
Patches: 5 banks of 128 patch memories
CV: CV gate input and outputs
Other Inputs: Expression pedal input, sustain pedal input
USB: USB Port – supports USB MIDI In/Out
Dimensions: 55.6 x 25.5 x 7.8 cm (21.9 x 10 x 3.1 inches)
Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)
Product Code: 30098