The fourth Rebound Lounge EP. DJ Dog and Double Dancer keep on pushing the boundaries of their weird and wonderful genre Basketball House! The sound always changing and evolving into different territories, but still keeping their flavour and strickt concept. Here we got five new tracks as always, and a new fantastic color scheme and pic on the back of the sleeve. Limited edition and vinyl only. So not to miss!

Rebound Lounge a label and production project consisting of DJ Dog (aka DJ Fett Burger) & Double Dancer. They have been ‘Rejuvenating the basketball house scene since 2016’ as they like to say. A genre they claim to have invented and thus rejuvenated since day one. The music presented with sounds from the basketball world and weave this in to the productions. It can be a shoe rubbing on the wooden court, a cheering audience, a yelling coach or a heavy slam dunk. Sometimes clearly audible, sometimes hidden deep in the mix. From this mixture the unique Rebound Lounge sound is created.

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