Focal Alpha EVO 65 (pris pr. stk)


Perfekt for musikkproduksjon, lydredigering eller videoredigering

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Custom-designed Slatefiber woofer
The Focal Alpha 65 Evo is an active nearfield studio monitor featuring two integrated Class-D amplifiers that power the high-end drivers. The Alpha 65 Evo employs a 6.5-inch woofer with a 55W amplifier and a 1-inch tweeter with a 25W amplifier. It builds on the design of its siblings (the Focal Alpha) range, utilising cutting-edge components to deliver superior audio fidelity.

The compact design features a custom ‘Slatefiber’ woofer cone, specially-designed for this studio monitor. It is paired with a 1-inch aluminium tweeter, providing a natural, transparent sound. It also includes a large front laminar port for an optimised low-end response. The monitors boast low-directivity, providing the same sound no matter where you are in the room.

Ideal for mixing, mastering and multimedia work
The premium-grade components and high-grade circuitry result in pristine sound quality. The wide frequency response ranging from 40Hz – 22kHz is designed to capture every nuance from your source audio. This makes it perfect for mixing and mastering applications. They can also be used for multimedia work such as video post-production and they are also suitable for DJs.

The studio monitors provide damping and rigidity which results in a natural response with no distortion. This ensures optimised audio fidelity, providing natural sound reproduction. The natural sound offers transparent audio that allows you to make subtle changes you can hear. The monitors also offer tonal balance, ensuring the sound remains identical at any volume level.

Sleek, robust construction
The compact 6.5-inch enclosure makes the studio monitors highly portable. This allows you to easily take your monitors on the move within a backpack or any larger portable storage solution. The monitor features an automatic standby mode as well as XLR, TRS and RCA inputs. The monitors come complete with a pair of removable grilles, protecting the working components whilst in use. Additionally, you can mount the monitors to a wall using the inserts for wall fastening

The rear of the unit features adjustable bass and treble levels. This allows you to accentuate your audio to different acoustic spaces. This helps to optimise the audio performance of your speakers for improved sound reproduction.

Bi-amplified studio monitor – perfect for music production, video editing, DJ’ing, gaming and more
6.5-inch Slatefiber cone, specially designed in France by Focal
1-inch aluminium dome tweeter
Low directivity keeps the same sound throughout the room
Damping and rigidity offers neutral sound with no distortion
Connect up to 3 audio sources
Optimal acoustic integration
Reduced power consumption
Integrated bass reflex port
Compact construction for optimal portability
Complete with protective grills
Insert points for wall fastening
Type: Alpha 65 Evo Monitoring
Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 40Hz – 22kHz
Maximum SPL: 104dB SPL (peak @393/8″ (1m))
TRS: symmetrical 10kOhms
XLR: symmetrical 10kOhms
RCA: asymmetrical 10kOhms (with compensated sensitivity)
Medium and low frequency amplifier: 55W (music), class D
High frequency amplifier: 25W (music), class D
Automatic stand-by mode: After around 15 minutes of no use (By signal detection > 6mV)
Power supply: 100 – 240V (T2AL fuse/250V)
Connection: IEC socket and detachable power cable
Sensitivity: Adjustable, 0 or +6dB
Level midrange/bass: (0 – 300Hz) Adjustable, +/-6dB
Treble level (4.5 – 22kHz): Adjustable, +/-3dB
Power on/off: On/off switch on the rear panel
Stand-by consumption: < 0.5W Views and controls: On and off LED - Stand-by LED Woofer: Slatefiber cone - 6.5" Tweeter: 25mm (1") with aluminium inverted dome Construction: 0.6" (15mm) MDF Finish: Black vinyl and paint Dimensions with 4 rubber feet (HxWxD): 13.35 x 10.28 x 11.38" (339 x 261 x 289 mm) Weight: 16.8lbs (7.6kg) Product Code: FO-ALPHA50EVO