Dive head first
You’ll be able to dig deep with the Wavetable’s oscillators. You’ll start with well over 200 wavetables, these are constructed to include up to 64 waveforms from a seemingly infinite number of individual waves. Morph its sound beyond recognition thanks to the extensive range of modifiers which can be adjusted in real time. When you compile the possibilities of what can be achieved using the inclusive range of effects and options on offer it hits well over 230 million possibilities. Good luck getting through them all!

New and improved
The Modwave’s Sequencing 2.0 comes new and improved to provide you with the finest results. You’ll find that timing, pitch, shape and four sets of step sequence values have been spread out into lanes. Each lane provides the source with their own loop start and end position, offering an even deeper level of modulation manipulation when it comes to recording.

When the sequence propels itself forward, each of the individual lanes are united to form the overall output. For example, a value from the step sequence could be matched with a random duration, pitch, or even shape every single time a note is played. Each of the lane’s loop points can be modulated separately to ensure that every note plays something slightly different.

Under the hood
Wavetables are single-cycle digital waveforms that have been positioned in a distinct order. The position of the wavetable is imperative when it comes to determining which waveform is being played. You’ll be able to move the position by utilising tools such as envelopes, LFOs and other modulation sources. These can be used to create either subtle or dramatic changes in the synthesizer’s sound. Incredibly versatile, you’ll find that some wavetable systems randomly glitch between one waveform to the next, whilst others crossfade smoothly between them to achieve unique resonances and harmonics.

When creating these unique sounds you’ll be able to choose from well over 30 modifiers to morph the character of any wavetable. These are great for singling out odd and even harmonics as well as adding body to your sound via anti-aliased quantisation and harmonic distortion. The integrated vintage options empower you with the classic sound of old-school wavetable synths. Squeeze and stretch your sound via the generous 13 morph types on offer in the Modwave. By utilising the sync mode, you’ll be able to perfectly emulate the sound of swept-sync timbres with a single oscillator.

Take your tone to the next level via the A/B mode. This allows you to combine any two wavetables you desire with total phase accuracy. This is ideal when you want to quickly add dimension and body to your sound. For total flexibility this can be manipulated in real-time.

Filters for days
Inject that highly-sought after vintage mojo into your tone with the unmistakable MS-20 low and high pass filters. The redesigned gain controls of the Polysix Lowpass allows you to dial in the perfect amount of colouration for your sound. This can be refined with the extensive collection of two and four-pole filters on offer to you. Become an innovator with KORG’s incredible multi-filter, you’ll find this excellent for creating modulatable blends and modes. The inclusion of presets on the sleek, black fascia make exploring these sounds easier than ever before.

Studio-grade sounds
The on-board processor makes effects based manipulation feel effortless. Each layer comes complete with three committed effects alongside a send to the master verb and parametric EQ. You’ll be able to sculpt and shape your sound by taking advantage of the on-board compressors, equalisers, flangers, phasers and delays. Add the perfect amount of grit to your sound via the wide range of VOX modelled effects that are included. This ranges from amplifiers to pedals and so much more!

Stuck in a creative rut?
No problem! With one click you’ll be sorted out. Simply hit the «dice» icon to have a new sound in an instant. This is generated via intelligent randomisation. This approach doesn’t have to be so heavy handed either. Should you desire, you can randomise a single aspect of your sound, whether that be an oscillator, filter or effect. Who knows, the sound that defines a generation may be waiting in the wings…

Easily access your favourite sounds via the tried and tested library
The wide range of presets on offer allow you to achieve great sounds straight out of the box
Hit the dice icon to get yourself out of any creative rut
Add movement to your sound with the on-board step sequencer
Keyboard: 37 keys (velocity and release-velocity sensitive)
Maximum Polyphony: 32 stereo voices
Sound Generating System: modwave synthesis engine
Controllers: Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Kaoss Physics, 4x Mod Knobs Other Sources, 4x Envelopes, 5x LFOs, 2x Mod Processors, 2x Key Track, Seq Lanes A-D, Step Pulse, Tempo, Program/Performance Note Count, Program/Performance Voice Count, Poly Legato, Velocity, Exponential Velocity, Release Velocity, Gate, Gate+Damper, Note-On Trigger, Note-On Trigger+Damper, Note Number, Aftertouch and Poly Aftertouch external MIDI only), MIDI CCs +/-, MIDI CCs +
Destinations: Most parameters can be modulated, including parameters of individual Motion Sequence Steps.Depending on Motion Sequence length, there can be more than 1,000 potential modulation targets per Program.
Pre FX: Decimator, Graphic EQ, Guitar Amp, Modern Compressor, Parametric EQ, Red Compressor, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Wave Shaper
Mod FX: Black Chorus/Flanger, Black Phase, CX-3 Vibrato Chorus, EP Chorus, Harmonic Chorus, Modern Chorus, Modern Phaser, Orange Phase, Polysix Ensemble, Small Phase, Talking Modulator, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Flanger, Vintage/Custom Wah, Vox Wah
Delay: L/C/R Delay, Multiband Mod Delay, Reverse Delay, Stereo/Cross Delay, Tape Echo
Master Reverb: Early Reflections, Overb
Master EQ: 4-band parametric EQ
Inputs/Outputs: Headphone (6.3 mm stereo phone jack), OUTPUT L/MONO and R (impedance-balanced 6.3 mm TRS phone jacks), DAMPER (6.3 mm phone jack, half-damper not supported), MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB B port
Power Supply: AC adapter (DC12V, 2500mA)
Power Consumption: 5 W
Dimensions (W x D x H): 565 × 338 × 93 mm/22.24” × 13.31” × 3.66”
Weight: 2.9 kg/6.93 lbs.
Included Items: AC adapter
Accessories (not included): DS-1H damper pedal, PS-1 pedal switch, PS-3 pedal switch
Product Code: MODWAVE