Korg Volca Mix


4-kanal mini analog mikser for Korg Volca serien

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Volca Mixing Solution
This compact mixing solution for the Korg Volca series, allows you to unlock more potential from your Volca units. Its varied controls and premium-grade components make it ideal for use as a live performance tool. It also boasts a range of controls and built-in effects for added versatility. The four-channel design features a sync function that acts as the master control for your live setup, you can easily synchronise multiple voltage units, inclusive of tempo settings and more. Its compact design also means its great on the move, measuring at the same dimensions as other Volca units for easy transportation.

Versatile Analog Performance Mixer
The four-channel configuration allows you to connect multiple Volca units together, via this one unit. The intuitive interface features volume sliders and Hi/Lo-Cut filters, giving you even more control over your existing Volcas. The vertical faders provide precise control over your volumes, and the gain can be boosted to adjust the mix balance. Mute buttons are also included for added convenience, allowing you to quickly switch between or turn off certain Volca units. Each channel comes equipped with a Lo/H-Cut filter, allowing you to toggle both the low and high frequency response with a single rotary control. The powerful, natural-sounding filters capture the essence of the analog sound, retaining your natural harmonic content while further accentuating your sound.

Built-In Speaker & Effects
As well as including volume faders and filters, the Volca Mix also boasts powerful built-in effects. The master effects are powered by the all-analog circuit, including an expander, compressor and side-chain effects. The expander is ideal for broadening a mono source, giving it an immersive stereo sound image for added depth. The dynamic range compressor is ideal for compressing the top-end frequency response, according to low-end. A side-chain effect is also included, which you can use to give your sounds a sense of added movement, ideal for dance music and EDM. One of the most convenient features of the Volca Mix is the inclusion of stereo speakers. The integrated speakers are located on the left and the right of the unit, delivering greater SPL levels than found on previous Volca units.

Expandable Connectivity
The Volca Mix boasts a wide range of connectivity, allowing you to expand your functionality and communicate with external musical equipment. A stereo mini-jack send output and an AUX input jack allow you to utilise external effects units for added flexibility. This allows you to incorporate your own effects units into the mixer, allowing for further sculpting of your sounds. The AUX input can also be used to incorporate a fourth Volca unit, iOS app and various other external devices and instruments. The sync output jack, allows you to connect your Volcas together with ease, matching up the tempo sync; giving you a play button and a tempo knob to control the sync signal. Three Volca DC output jacks are also included, you can use the included DC-DC cables to supply power for up three Volca units, without the need for an external adapter. Additionally, the mixer comes complete with an AC adapter and audio cables, as well as the DC-DC cables for added convenience.

Compact multi-function four-channel mixer
Volume faders and LO/HI CUT filter for superb performability
Output and monitor capabilities for use on stage, plus stereo speakers for maximum portability.
Powerful effects and control
Master chain lets you control dynamics
Send out and AUX in for connecting external effects
Sync function that can act as the master of a live setup
Unlocks even more potential out of the volca series
DC out can supply power for up to three volca units
AC adapter, DC-DC cables, and audio cables are included with the unit
Mixer input: Mixer in x 3 (1/8” [3.5mm] stereo mini jack 0dBu)
AUX: AUX in (1/8” [3.5mm] stereo mini jack 0dBu)
Send: Send out (1/8” [3.5mm] stereo mini jack 0dBu)
Sync: Sync out (1/8” [3.5mm] stereo mini jack 0dBu, output level: 5V)
Audio output: Line out (L/R, RCA pin jack, max 11.1 dBu), headphone (1/8” [3.5mm] stereo mini jack)
Speaker: Built-in stereo speakers, on/off
Power: AC adapter (DC 9V)
Current consumption: 300mA
Output power: Volca DC out x 3 (Connect with included DC-DC cable, up to 800 mA in total, 9V)
Included accessories: AC adapter, DC-DC cable x 3, audio cable x 3
Dimensions (W x D x H): 193 x 115 x 45mm including knobs
Product code:VOLCA-MIX