The new wave – Wave Sequencing 2.0
Building on the success of the Wavestation, Korg have further expanded the Wave Sequencing technology for this Wavestate synthesizer. With the Wavestation, the Wave Sequences had in-depth control over each step for duration, sample and pitch. This allowed the user to create unique sounding patterns that repeated. But what if those same patterns could be more organic? Morphing and evolving to create something fresh and exciting. Well, with Wave Sequencing 2.0 you can achieve that and more.

Wave Sequencing 2.0 provides you with multiple new ways to edit and interact with your patterns. You can now split apart timing, sample sequences and the melody; allowing you to interact and manipulate each parameter independently. You can also edit and morph new parameters such as shapes, gate times and the values on the step sequencer. Each of these independent parameters is known as a “Lane”. With each Lane you can decide how many steps you need, as well as dictating the start, end and loop points.

When the sequence is moving forward, each of the Lanes are combined which creates the output. This provides you with endless possibilities, allowing you to create set patterns that morph and evolve along with their parameters. You can also modulate a wide range of controls including the Lane’s start, end and loop points for each of the notes.

Cutting-edge expression and in-depth controls

Jam-packed with controls, knobs and switches; the Wavestate provides in-depth, hands-on control for creating cutting-edge sequences. The Wavestate includes everything you could possibly need such as filters, envelopes, LFOS, effects and eight programmable modulation knobs. The ergonomic layout and in-depth control panel also make the synth perfect for live performances. As well as the pitch bend and modulation wheels, the Wavestate provides you with a Vector joystick for a full 360-degrees of expression.

Nearly everything on the Wavestate can be modulated. Most of the front-panel knobs and on-screen parameters can be modified using the modulation on offer. For further customisation, you can even modulate each of the individual steps within a sequence. The onboard modulation processors allow you to edit the mod signals, providing the means to dictate quantize, smoothing, curvature and other settings.

Get inspired with the randomizer
Roll the dice, once or twice. Capture your inspiration with the intuitive randomization control. Represented by a dice icon on the front-panel, the Wavestate allows you to randomize parts/the entire sound. Randomizing the settings allows you to get new ideas and further your creativity. You can even randomize singular parameters such as the filter, Sample Lane or effects.

Versatile sample library with 64 stereo voices
Jam-packed with fresh sounds. With a sample library in the gigabytes, the Wavestate provides you with a wide range of cutting-edge sounds, straight out of the box. The vast library of sounds is a great starting point for creating sequences. The samples are comprised of sounds from Plugin Guru, Korg and some incorporated sounds taken from the Kronos and Krome libraries. It also features all of the original Wavestation’s samples as well as a library of Wave Sequences. The synthesizer allows you to utilise up to 64 stereo voices, delivering high-end clarity for a pristine sound.

Flexible filtering including the Polysix Lowpass
One of the most versatile features of the Wavestate is the vast library of filters. Add a touch of vintage character with the powerful MS-20 lowpass/highpass filters or start with the modern and sweet sound of the Polysix Lowpass. It also features a bespoke collection of resonant 2-pole and 4-pole Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Band Reject filters. Also included is Korg’s very own Multi Filter, allowing you to create blends of multiple modes at once.

Catered for live performances
With a whole host of superb effects and layering options, the Wavestate is perfect for crafting live sets. The production-grade effects are comprised of compressors, EQs, choruses, flangers, phasers, stereo delays, a Wave Shaper, Talking Modulator, Reverse Delay, Multiband Mod Delay and Overb (taken from the OASYS). It even features modelled effects, incorporating VOX guitar amp, VOX wah, multi-head tape echo and a range of vintage guitar pedals.

One of the most unique features is the Set Lists. Set Lists allow you to organise your sequences and patterns for live performances. The Set Lists provides you with instant access to your patterns at the touch of a button. With the addition of Smooth Sound Transitions, you can utilise previously-played voices and effects to ring out naturally.

Compact, sleek and stylish
The sleek and stylish design features a wide range of connectivity including balanced stereo outputs and a stereo headphone output. The Din-style MIDI jacks provide the means to connect the Wavestate to other MIDI instruments and equipment. The class-compliant USB MIDI connection makes it easier than ever to use the Wavestate for professional music production. It even comes complete with its own custom librarian program for Windows and Mac.

The unique dark aesthetic is reminiscent of vintage synthesizers with the addition of a crisp OLED screen which can be used to navigate settings, sounds and parameters. It also features 37 full-size keys which provide a comfortable feel when playing. From the stage to the studio, the Korg Wavestate is a powerhouse is sequencing and sound design.

Wave Sequencing 2.0
Extensive modulation with hands-on control
Gigabytes of samples
Modelled filters, including MS-20 and Polysix
64 stereo voices
4 Layers with Vector control
14 simultaneous effects
Set Lists and Smooth Sound Transitions
Compact, sleek design
Designed by Korg R&D in California
Product Code: WAVESTATE
Maximum Polyphony: 64 stereo voices
Keyboard: Velocity and release-velocity keys
Sounds: Ships with over 240 Performances, 740 Programs, 1000 Wave Sequences. Storage for tens of thousands of user Performances
Dimensions: 565 x 338 x 92mm

Vekt 2,9 kg