Generous frequency range
The integrated power amplifier delivers 160w RMS performance yielding a sound pressure level of 117dB peak. Bass frequencies are less audible than mid-range frequencies which makes it more difficult to monitor properly, the S10.4 packs enough power to ensure that you can comfortably monitor the bass and sub frequencies without damaging your equipment or ears. A generous frequency range of 27 to 156Hz will give you enough depth to accurately mix a myriad of musical genres that use frequencies that reach this low.

Variable crossover
The S10.4 features a 4-position crossover to adjust the subwoofers roll-off to perfectly match it with your studio monitors or hi-fi speakers. By fine-tuning your cross-over, you will ensure that your sound is cohesive and seamless between the full frequency range. The inclusion of a 4-position crossover is perfect for matching between any size of nearfield monitor, for smaller monitors with a more drastic bass roll-off, you can use the higher settings to ensure that the low end is represented accurately. For larger monitors, you can use the lower settings to meld the low end between your monitors and subwoofer.

Ultra-accurate bass extension
The KRK S10.4 allows you to hear and feel low end accurately in any studio environment. Your low-end frequencies are vital when mixing and mastering your songs, they are the driving energy and force that give your music movement and life. Making sure that this is well rounded and balanced to translate on any playback system such as a car stereo, club or bar venue PA system etc is essential. Too much low end and you will muddy your sound, taking away any focal points from other instruments that occupy higher frequency ranges such as keyboard melodies or vocal performances. Not enough bass and you will find yourself with an anaemic sound that won’t translate well to large venue speakers. Take the guesswork out of your mixing and mastering by using the S10.4 to ensure that you get the balance right and get your songs heard everywhere you go.

Designed for performance
A 10-inch glass aramid composite woofer and 2-inch voice coil sit inside an 15mm reinforced MDF baffle with a front-mounted vent. When in combination, the S10.4 provides you with a robust subwoofer that combines durability with performance. The front vented mount allows for flexible placement of the S10.4 by ensuring that you will not receive any direct reflections behind the subwoofer onto your wall which can result in unwanted standing waves. The front vent also gives you confidence in knowing that even if placed off-centre from your listening position, the S10.4 will retain the character of the sound and performance as the low frequencies will still be projected forward to you. The mounted 10-inch glass woofer and 2-inch voice coil are purpose-designed to eliminate any diffraction distortion, ensuring that you don’t hear any unwanted signal degradation.

Versatile connectivity and controls
The S10.4 possesses all of the input connectivity that you will ever need to integrate this into your existing studio system. Featuring XLR, RCA and TRS inputs, you can connect into most home-audio hi-fi turntables and DJ turntables as well as most audio interfaces and professional mixers.

The S10.4 gives you control over multiple parameters to ensure that you are getting the best performance and sound reproduction possible in your studio. The main volume dial is provided to get the balance perfect between your subwoofer and main monitors and a 4-position selectable crossover allows you to finely tune the balance between your subwoofer and your monitors low-end roll-off, ensuring you get the maximum clarity between the frequencies, taking the guesswork out of your mixing and mastering. Further controls such as a ground-lift eliminates any interference caused by ground loops that can distort and degrade your signal, a stand-by off/on switch will send the S10.4 into power-saving mode when not in use over long sessions and a High-pass filter and sub bypass is accessed through the footswitch for quick and easy A/B’ing if your sound.

Class-D power amp for increased transient response
10» glass aramid composite woofer
Bass extension to 27Hz with a maximum SPL of 117dB
Footswitch control enables/disables sub and crossover filter (footswitch not included)
Front-firing bass port for placement flexibility
Optimised four-position crossover control
Universal connectivity: XLR, 1/4» TRS and RCA inputs and outputs
Polarity and input sensitivity controls
15mm reinforced MDF enclosure provide maximum strength and protection
Ground lift switch prevents ground loops
Configuration: Front loaded, vented subwoofer
System type: Active subwoofer
10 inch glass aramid fibre composite woofer
2 inch voice coil
Frequency response: 30z – 110Hz +/- 3dB
Frequency range: 27Hz – 156Hz -10dB
Max SPL: 117dB
Power rating: 160w (1 THD+N)
Input impedance: 9.4k Ohms balanced / 9.2 Ohms unbalanced
Input connections:
XLR left/right, 1/4″ TRS left/right, RCA left/right, 1/4″ footswitch
Output connections:
XLR left/right, 1/4″ TRS left/right, RCA left/right
Controls: Volume, 4-position crossover LPF/HPF control, input sensitivity (standard and high), polarity (0 or 180 degrees), standby (on/off), ground lift, sub and HPF bypass (with operational footswitch only).
Construction: 15mm reinforced MDF
Finish: Black vinyl wrap, black paint for baffle
Hardware: EVA isolation pad
Dimensions (H x W x D): 341 x 479mm x 310mm
Weight: 15.88kg

Vekt 15 kg