Novation FLKey Mini

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• Verdens første dedikerte keyboard for FL studio
• 16 RGB-bakgrunnsbelyste pads tilbyr fleksibel sekvensering og beat-ytelse på farten
• Kontroller praktisk talt alle aspekter av økten din ved å bruke de åtte ombordkoderne
• Inkluderer et bredt utvalg av instrumenter og effekter samt en 6-måneders prøveversjon til FL Studio

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Designed for FL Studio
It only seems logical that the most popular DAW on the planet would get its own dedicated hardware controller. Until now, that wasn’t the case. Removing as many barriers to music creation within your FL Studio DAW, the Novation FLKey Mini provides seamless integration for improved workflow in your sessions. Designed for ergonomic workstation performance, the FLKey Mini boasts 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys, allowing to perform in simple melodies, basslines, expansive pads and violins and much more. Armed with two touch strips that enable you smooth pitch bending and modulation capabilities, you can add expression and movement into static notes. Eight onboard encoder rotary knobs have a wide range of functionality with limitless possibilities. The encoders can be assigned to multiple functions to control every aspect of your mix from volume to pan and can even be assigned to plug-in and instrument parameters for on-the-fly automation. Perhaps the most striking and aesthetically obvious addition to the FLKey Mini is the 16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads. These pads offer a soft-touch and responsive performance to make tapping in beats a breeze.

Extensive integration
Not just another MIDI keyboard, the FLKey lets you tailor your workflow to exactly the way you need in order to get records finished faster than ever. With every application onboard, you can create a Custom Mode, allowing you to freely assign any parameter inside of your DAW or VST instrument to controller on your FLKey. Need to make quick adjustments on the fly in your instrument for the volume? No problem, assign to one of the eight encoders. Browse prests onboard using the Octave Up and Down keys to find a sound that fits your mix? No problem. All of this control means you will spend less time clicking through menus with a mouse and keyboard and instead, you will be able to get to the finished product faster than ever before.

Of course, the Novation FLKey Mini for FL Studio also packs in the typical controls you’d expect on a MIDI keyboard. Onboard controls for Transport, Octave Up and Down, Play/Stop, Record, Tap Tempo and much more are all on-hand to put every parameter control in your FL Studio DAW at your fingertips. Not content with stopping there, Novation has packed in specific controls to integrate with FL Studio, including the Scale mode, whereby you select a specific key and scale and every note in your keyboard will follow this chosen key, meaning you never miss a note. Play directly into the Channel Racks or control virtual instruments with the onboard pads, the integration is endless.

Comprehensive software suite included
Dive into production with the included software with FLKey Mini. With everything that a contemporary producer needs to craft professional-level quality songs at home, the Novation FLKey Mini offers unrivalled value for money. A 6-month trial to FL Studio Producer Edition gives you the perfect platform to record your songs and use your FLKey Mini to the maximum potential. A wide range of VST instruments is also included including XLN Audio Addictive keys, AAS Session Bundle and Spitfire Audio Expressive Strings. With these, you have a diverse range of immaculately sampled instruments to draft up melodies, piano lines, orchestral strings and much more. Helping you to add the final touches to your sound design and mixing, Klevgrand DAW Cassette and Roverb, and membership to Novation’s Sound Collective are also included.

What’s Included
Novation FLkey 37
Membership of Novation’s Sound Collective
FL Studio Producer Edition – 6 Month Trial
XLN Audio Addictive Keys
AAS Session bundle
Spitfire Audio Expressive Strings
Klevgrand DAW Cassette
Klevgrand Roverb
25 velocity-sensitive mini key keyboard provides seamless integration with Fruity Loops DAW
Touch strips provide smooth pitch bending and modulation
Eight encoder pots can be assigned to control various functions in your DAW
16 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads makes programming a breeze
Wide range of onboard controls including Transpose, Octave Up and Down, Scale, Play and Record
3.5mm MIDI output jack and 1/4″ sustain output jack provide a comprehensive flexibility for recording and performance
Class-compliant USB B socket
Seamless integration with FL studio to produce music faster than ever
Assign the eight onboard encoders to control aspects of your mixer such as volume and pan
Perform sequences using the onboard pads and trigger MIDI notes in FL Studio’s sequencer
Play directly into the Channel Rack from FLkey Mini’s pads
Scale mode allows you to always play notes within a chosen key or scale
Control instruments inside FL Studio such as Trigger FPC and SliceX using the onboard pads for more expressive melodies
Spend less time clicking with your mouse and control everything from your FLkey including preset browsing
Tailor your workflow to your FLKey with Custom Modes to freely assign any controls to your encoders and pads
Keys: 25 velocity sensitive mini-keys
Touch strips: Pitch bend and modulation strips
Encoders: Eight pots
Pads: 16 RGB backlit, velocity sensitive pads
Octave +/-
Channel rack up/down
Play and record
Scale button
Note Repeat
MIDI: 3.5mm MIDI Out jack
Sustain: 1/4″ jack input
Note Repeat:
Note Repeat on the pads
Rate: 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and all associated triplets
Scale Mode:
Map scales to the keyboard
Minor, Major, Dorian, Phrygian
Custom modes:
Pot Custom Mode for MIDI assignment
Pad Custom Mode for MIDI assignment
Power requirements:
USB bus powered
Power supply not included
Dimensions (H x W x D): 330 x 172 x 41mm
Weight: 0.68 KG
What’s included: Novation FLkey Mini, 1 x USB A to C cable, Safety information sheet

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