Novation Launchpad Mini MK3

kr 1299,00

• 8×8 RGB-ruter for å legge inn MIDI i sanntid
• Full Ableton Live integrasjon – lanser klipp og scener uten problemer
• Bussdrevet via USB-C for maksimal bærbarhet
• Kontroller annen DAW-programvare med tilpasset nøkkelkartlegging

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Launchpad Mini
The Launchpad Mini is a super compact MIDI grid controller featuring 64 velocity sensitive pads. This puts ultimate control at your fingertips to take your music production to the next level. The bright pads featured on the Launchpad Mini make it easy to transfer your ideas into your current DAW, or the included Ableton Live Lite. The Launchpad helps take your hands away from the mouse and lets you focus on the music.

Logic 10.6 compatibility
The latest Logic Pro Update (10.6) guarantees full compatibility between the Launchpad Mini and Live Loops. This means you’ll be able to use the controller to trigger sounds, navigate your way through complex sessions and have a greater «hands-on» approach when producing and performing. The all-new custom mode allows you to map the grid to suit your every want and need, you can even create your own unique performance set-ups. These can be configured using Novation Components which can be accessed via Google Chrome or through the standalone app.

Setup anywhere
The Launchpad Mini is perfect for producers on the go thanks to the compact build. This allows you to take and create beats on the road. The Launchpad Mini powers from your recording device, ensuring only a USB cable is required when producing. Step by step, interactive setup tools gets you creating with the Launchpad Mini as soon as it leaves the box. Features on the Launchpad Mini are setup for instant integration with Ableton Live. Individual controls can be configured to match your workflow and other DAW’s.

Access to a range of benefits
The Launchpad Mini comes with access to a range of music production tools. After registering your Launchpad Mini, you get instant access to the Sound Collective. This provides you with access to free plug-ins every month from some of the best manufacturers available. Other benefits include offers, discounts and more.

Ableton Live Lite
AAS Session Bundle
XLN Addictive Keys
Klevgrand R0Verb and DAW Cassette
Softube Time and Tone bundle
Sound Collective
Plugs directly into your Mac or PC
64 pads reflect clip colours in Live
Control Stop, Solo and Mute, and launch clips and scenes
Deep and intuitive Ableton Live control
Comes with 3-year warranty from Novation
Product dimensions: 180 x 180 x 14.2 mm



Novation er en britisk produsent av elektroniske musikkutstyr og lydutstyr. Selskapet ble grunnlagt i 1992 og har siden den gang produsert MIDI-kontrollere, synthesizere og DJ-utstyr. Novation er spesielt kjent for sin Bass Station-serie, som er en serie med analoge synthesizere som har blitt brukt av en rekke kjente musikere. Selskapet har også utviklet en rekke innovative MIDI-kontrollere, som har blitt populære blant både amatører og profesjonelle musikere. I dag er Novation en del av Focusrite-gruppen og fortsetter å utvikle nyskapende og høykvalitets musikkutstyr.

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