Ultra-lightweight design – built for comfort
Weighing in at a near non-existent 136 grams, the HDJ-CX headphones are so light that you’d be forgiven for forgetting you’re wearing them at all. The lightweight design is intended to provide superior comfort as well as helping to minimise any stress to your head, neck or shoulders. Each component has been carefully balanced to deliver the best possible wearing and listening experience.

Stellar sound quality with superior insulation
At the heart of the headphones is a brand-new, custom PEEK-PU-PEEK composite film diaphragm, designed specifically for the HDJ-CX with specialised tuning. The tight and balanced sound it provides allows you easily identify each different sound whilst mixing, allowing you to home in on rhythms and melodic parts. Providing an ultra-wide dynamic range, the HDJ-CX headphones provide a powerful bass response with sparkling highs and a pronounced midrange.

Not only that, but the headphones provide exceptional isolation thanks to the built-in sound insulators found within the housing of the headphones. This helps to block outside noise, so you can focus in on your mixes and hear every nuance of your music. The stress-resistant design also provides the ultimate fit for your head, ensuring maximum comfort and optimised isolation./p>

Rugged construction with shock-resistant design
Whilst designed with comfort in mind, the Pioneer HDJ-CX headphones are built for the road, providing rugged housing and highly durable components. Designed for use on the road, the HDJ-CX DJ headphones features a steel-core headband and ultra-tough design so you can rest assured your headphones will stay intact whilst on the move. Pioneer have also tested the headphones under rigorous conditions, adhering to the stringent US Military Standard MIL-STD-810H Shock test.

Complete with interchangeable cables and accessories
Set up your headphones the way you like with the choice of two cables (included). You can pick between the straight or coiled cables depending on your preferences. The headphones also features a clip-on adapter for storing the 1/4-inch plug adapter (included). Other accessories that come complete with the headphones include replacement ear pads and instruction manual.

What’s Included
Pioneer HDJ-CX DJ Headphones
1/4-inch stereo plug adapter (threaded type)
Spare ear pads (1 pair)
1/4-inch plug adapter holder
Instruction manual
Warranty (for some regions)
Headphone Type: Closed, Dynamic
Impedance: 32 Ω
Sensitivity: 103 dB
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 30kHz
Maximum Input Power: 2,000 mW
Driver: 35mm
Plug: 3.5mm stereo mini plug
One-sided, detachable
1.2 m coiled cable (extended length 3.0 m)
1.6 m straight cable
Head Cushion: Nylon
Ear Pad: Nylon
Weight: 136 g (4.80 oz) without cable

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