Faithful recreation of the JX-8P
Roland Boutique means vintage sounds of the past, with modern workflow for today’s musician and producer, and the JX-08 is the newest member of the Roland Boutique family. Now sought-after in the synth community, the Roland JX-08 is a modern recreation of the JX-8P synthesiser which took hybrid keyboard design to the next level merging analog synthesis with digital control. Warm pads embodied the sound of the original hardware unit and now you too can gain that sound, with a host of modern benefits that will make the JX-08 indispensable in your synth line-up. Released in 1985, the original unit was made famous featuring on songs by artists such as Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, The Cure and most famously on Europe’s anthemic hit «The Final Countdown». Packed with over 100 presets, the JX-08 also features 32 which can also be found on the original hardware for you to enjoy and be transported back to an era rich in sonic splendour.

Authentic sound with modern design
Roland have designed the JX-08 with a host of features to update the workflow and usability of the original unit. One such addition is combining the programmable functions of the PG-800 programmer that acted as a companion to the original 80’s icon to offer you complete hands-on control so you can make changes on the fly and shape the sound you want, without purchasing any additional units. You’re also gifted the same power and versatility in a much smaller lightweight package that lends itself to portability with the option of battery or USB-C power meaning you can take your JX-08 wherever you go whether it be, on stage, to the studio or even on your table-top. With USB-C audio/MIDI interface connection options you’ll be able to hook your unit up to MIDI hardware and DAW production software for use with a host of other audio equipment. And, that’s not all, an external clock feature is available allowing you to drive the onboard sequencer and arpeggiator for external sources like vintage hardware and Eurorack systems.

Packed with features for the modern musician
JX-08 isn’t just a carbon copy of the 80’s powerhouse, it also features complete upgrades that set it apart and make it something new with a life of its own. The onboard arpeggiator and two-part polyphonic sequencer that features motion recording, random pattern generator and up to 128 pattern memory enables you to expand your ideas and give you the creative spark to experiment like never before, then you’re able to process your sound through a host of effects with 17 new types available such as JUNO-106 chorus, SDD-320 reverb, lo-fi comp, super filter, pitch shifter and more. The Roland JX-08 is the most authentic recreation of the JX-8P with a modern design to improve workflow and bring your tracks and productions to life.

What’s Included
Quick start guide
‘Using the Unit Safely’ leaflet
4 x AA batteries
Modern recreation of the Roland JX-8P
Includes programmer functions from the PG-800
Over 100 presets featuring classics from the original unit
17 new effects including JUNO-106 chorus, SDD-320 reverb, lo-fi comp and more
64-part polyphonic sequencer with motion recording, random pattern generation and memory for 128 patterns
Onboard arpeggiator
Expanded polyphony
Two-part multi-timbral
USB-C audio/MIDI interface, full-size MIDI I/O, and external clock input
Portable design for music-making on-the-go
Powered via batteries or USB-C
Built-in speaker unit
Optional accessories: Roland K-25m Keyboard for Roland Boutique Series
Single Unit Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 x 128 x 47mm
Single Unit Weight: 895g
Packaged Dimensions (W x D x H): 354 x 178 x 78mm
Packaged Weight: 1.41kg
Product Code: JX-08

Vekt 1,4 kg