ARP 2600-M/LTD Analogue Synth Module


En legende er tilbake. LTD edition med trillekoffort og midikeyboard!

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A faithful recreation, improved for the digital world
Bringing the ARP 2600 M into the digital age, Korg have incorporated some new features and enhancements whilst staying true to the original. One of the most prominent new additions is the inclusion of USB connectivity (USB-A and USB-B) ports. This allows for plug and play operation, ideal for music production and connecting MIDI controllers.

You can listen to your sounds directly through the built-in monitors. The voltages have also been normalised, making the 2600 M ideal for use with external modules such as the Volca range. The attack and release times have been improved, as well as the speaker section, with them now turning off when headphones are plugged in.

The scaled design size still retains all the same features and functions from the original, in a frame 60 percent of the original size. The synth also comes complete with a music software bundle comprised of iZotope Ozone Elements, Reason Lite DAW and Skoove (for improving your keyboard playing skills).

Hard-wired, smooth sliders
Almost every slider available on the front panel of the ARP 2600 is hard wired to specific controls. These sliders provide precise control over the various components of the ARP 2600. This also ensures you can start creating immediately without the need for patching. Thanks to the semi-modular build, inserting a patch cord into any of the hardwired controls jack output will override the internal connection, allowing you to create a brand-new signal path. This results in an infinite amount of signal processing and sound creation. The new and improved slider design provides a smoother feel for improved precision.

Efficient patching
The ARP 2600 M utilises 3.5mm jacks as patch points in order to save space, creating an easy to navigate interactive control panel. This also allows for extra jacks and more patching potential. The majority of the patch points are located at the bottom of the ARP 2600 M control panel in order to keep the main panel unobstructed for tweaking controls.

Powerful processing and sound design tools
The ARP 2600 M is packed with a wide range of individually patchable modules. These can be used for processing an external signal through the dedicated envelope follower and preamp. A set of parallel-wired multiple jacks greatly enhance the patching possibilities of the ARP 2600. These can be used to send the same control signal to many different locations. Three independent voltage processors provide scalable control voltages or can act to attenuate any control signal.

The 2600’s lag generator can be used to delay the start of any control signal. A noise generator is capable of producing white, pink and low-frequency noise and every combination in between. A series of three inverters can reverse the polarity of any signal. The electronic switch can be sync’d to either the internal clock or any external clock signal, as can the sample & hold rate.

A trilogy of powerful oscillators
Each of the three oscillators feature initial and fine-tuning sliders, resulting in extremely stable tuning throughout the synthesizer. Each oscillator can then be designated as an LFO or audio oscillator. Each oscillator generates multiple wave shapes at once including Sawtooth, Square, Triangle, Sine, and Pulse. These have a range of uses within the ARP 2600 including to modulate the frequency of another audio oscillator to create analog FM effects.

A choice of two classic filters
Choose from two iterations of filters. The ARP 2600 M was renowned for its cutting-edge filtering with its now-iconic 4012 filter being one of the most sought-after on the market. With the 2600 M, Korg have included both the original 4012 circuitry and the 4072 type (DIN MIDI IN) for sonic versatility. Now you don’t have to choose between the original and the later models, you can have both in one!

Full ADSR control with versatile envelopes
The ARP 2600 M features two envelope transient generators. One of which offers variable attack and release whilst the second offers full ADSR control. These envelopes can be retriggered at any time using the manual start button. The envelope section also provides both gate and trigger outputs, ideal for patching into external modular systems.

Output effects and connectivity
To produce the output sound, the ARP 2600 M relies on a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) to bring the output up to a suitable level. This amplifier can be controlled using both linear and exponential control inputs with the initial gain setting providing output at its highest setting.

The output section of the ARP 260 0M features a stereo mixer section, an internal spring reverb than the main outputs and built-in monitor speakers. To access the output audio, two low stereo L/R outputs can be used to directly connect to a recording device or sound system. A headphone output can also be used for monitoring.

Faithful recreation of the iconic ARP 2600 synthesizer
Smaller design – 60 percent of the original size
Three versatile oscillators with a range of waveforms
3.5mm jack patching points
New and improved sliders for a smoother performance
Spring reverb tank for classic-style reverb
Plug and play connectivity – ideal for use with MIDI controllers and music software
Two iterations of ARP filters – 4012 and 4072
Normalised voltage makes it easier to use with the synth with external modules
Built-in monitor speakers for direct listening
Improved attack and release ratios
Complete with music software bundle
iZotope Ozone Elements
Reason Lite DAW
Skoove – a keyboard playing tutorial subscription
VCO-1 (Voltage controlled oscilator 1)
Waveforms: sawtooth, square
Frequency range:
Approx. 0.03 Hz – 30 Hz (low freq. mode)
Approx. 10 Hz – 10 kHz (audio mode)
Voltage controlled response: 1 V/oct.
VCO-2 (Voltage controlled oscilator 2)
Waveforms: sawtooth, pulse (dynamic pulse), triangle, sine
Frequency range:
Approx. 0.03 Hz – 30 Hz (low freq. mode)
Approx. 10 Hz – 10 kHz (audio mode)
Pulse width: 10 – 90
Voltage controlled response: 1 V/oct.
VCO-3 (Voltage controlled oscilator 3)
Waveforms: sawtooth, pulse (dynamic pulse)
Frequency range:
Approx. 0.03 Hz – 30 Hz (low freq. mode)
Approx. 10 Hz – 10 kHz (audio mode)
Pulse width: 10 – 90
Voltage controlled response: 1 V/oct.
VCF (Voltage controlled filter)
Type: low-pass (TYPE I : early 24 dB/oct.,
Type II: late 24 dB/oct.)
Frequency range: approx. 10 Hz – 10 kHz
Resonance: 1/2 – self oscillate
VCA (Voltage controlled amplifier)
Control voltage:
AR type (internally connected)
ADSR type (internally connected)
Noise generator: noise spectrum types (white and pink)
Ring modulator
Type: analog multiplier
Input signal (Internally connected): VCO-1 sawtooth wave, VCO-2 sine wave
Audio output jacks
Connector: φ3.5 mm monaural phone jack
Maximum output level: +9 dBu @ 10 kΩ load
Output impedance: 1.2 kΩ
Dimensions (W × D × H): 520 × 129 × 311 mm / 20.5 x 5 x 12.2 inches
Weight: 5.9 kg / 13 lbs.
Product Code: ARP-2600-M