An onslaught of determined rhythms interlace in a glorious cacophony for the dance floor on Kim Durbeck’s latest. The Norwegian/Vietnamese artist unleashes a formidable din of percussion across six new pieces for Lek records.

A club record that takes furtive glances at the experimental, Lek003 is hardly an exercise in restraint as it carves its way through jungle and drum n bass to find its place on today’s impetuous DJ booth where a new youthful energy has seen tempos reach heady heights.

As ever Durbeck’s Vietnamese heritage is strong as he weaves esoteric textures through the tapestry of monstrous kick drums and snares. The record eschews the conformity of a four to the floor, for something more assertive. From the familiar Amen constructions of a track like «Phu Yen Flow» to the more extreme outer edges of IDM with a track like «Wipeout», each track utilises the break beat in different adaptations throughout.

At the other end of the spectrum, Patas tames of «Nuoc Mam is my holy water» for a more tempered version and lets our head up for air, before Durbeck brings the ruckus with his army of irreverent drum machines. There is no quarter given with perfunctory designs on the dance floor and the club context.


released April 21, 2023

W&P: Kim Dürbeck
Mixed by: Patås
Artwork by: Kevin Martinsen
Mastered by: Mattias Fridell

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