Moog Grandmother Analog Synthesizer

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• Semi-modular analog synthesizer
• Arpeggiator, sequencer og spring reverb tank
• Analogt filter
• 32-Tangenter

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Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Back to the roots
The Moog Grandmother takes Moog back to its modular roots, inspired by classic Moog synthesizers from the 70s and 80s. The fully analog circuitry captures the warmth and grit of retro synths, delivering a wide sonic palette with unparalleled power and tonal character. The 32-note velocity-sensitive provides fluid playability, giving a similar feel to a grand piano for added expression. The unique design is a culmination of various modules, hand-picked and incorporated for a truly one-of-a-kind synthesizer.

The oscillators are taken from the Minimoog, the mixer is taken from the CP3 and the Spring Reverb Tank is based on the Moog 905’s design. At the heart of the Moog Grandmother are dual analog oscillators with selectable waveshape and hard sync options. This combination of classic modules fuses together to create a versatile sonic palette that can be used to create everything from atmospherics pads to vintage-style synth leads.

Semi-modular design with patching
The Grandmother features a wide range of patch points, providing a hands-on approach to sound design. Although patching isn’t required, the Grandmother gives you a range of creative patching abilities, allowing you to unlock the synth’s full potential. Patching can be used for overriding internal connections, making various sections function like a standalone module. The synthesizer is also great as an analog audio processor for external sources.

Arpeggiator and sequencer
The built-in arpeggiator and sequencer are designed to be easy to use, allowing you to create rhythms and melodic patterns on the fly. The powerful sequencer feature 256 note with three sequence locations. Each step of the sequencer can be entered either as a Note or a Rest. Individual steps can also be entered with a Tie and/or Accent. Sequence memory is stored even with the power off, allowing you to program sequences for use in later performances.

There are also controls for changing the way the sequencer plays notes, allowing you to create sequences from back to front or trigger a random sequence. The arpeggiator is great for creating melodic patterns, swooping cases, rhythms and other musical ideas. As with the sequencer, you can also change the direction of the arpeggiator for added versatility.

Filter and spring reverb tank
One of the most unique features of the Moog Grandmother is the integrated spring reverb tank. Spring reverb tanks were a staple of analog synthesizers from the 80s. The hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds as well as the internal tones you create. The 6-inch analog spring reverb tank comes complete with a dedicated Mix control as well as I/O connectivity. This synth wouldn’t be complete without premium-grade filters.

The synth incorporates a classic -24dB/octave Moog Low Pass Ladder Filter, which is great for removing high-end harmonic content while retaining the low-end response. The -24db refers to the roll off rate being at -24db pre octave. Also included is a 1-pole high-pass filter, boasting -6d/octave roll off. This is ideal for getting rid of the low-end whilst retaining the top-end of the frequency spectrum. These filters are great for changing the shape of your sound.

Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Synthesizer
Hardware Spring Reverb can be used to process external sounds
¼-inch External audio input for guitars, drum machines, and more.
Semi-modular – no patching is required
Easy to use Arpeggiator and Sequencer
Store up to 3 sequences with up to 256 notes each
2 Analog Oscillators with selectable waveshape and hard sync
Classic 4-Pole 10Hz-20kHz Ladder filter
Patchable 1-Pole High Pass filter
Analog ADSR Envelope Generator
Analog LFO with audio-rate capabilities
32-note Fatar keyboard with velocity
All normalized connections can be interrupted for full modularity
Patchable bipolar attenuator
Works with Mother-32, DFAM, Eurorack modular systems and more
41 patch points with 21 inputs, 16 outputs and a Parallel-Wired 4-jack Mult
Oscillators based on Moog Minimoog
Mixer based on Moog CP3
Filter based on Moog 904
Envelope Generator Based on Moog 911
VCA Based on Moog 902
Spring Reverb based on Moog 905



Moog er et amerikansk selskap som produserer elektroniske musikkinstrumenter og modulære synthesizere. Selskapet ble grunnlagt av Robert Moog i 1953 og har siden den gang vært en pioner innenfor elektronisk musikkproduksjon. Moog er kjent for å ha utviklet noen av de mest ikoniske synthesizerne gjennom tidene, inkludert Minimoog, Moog Modular og Voyager. Moog er fortsatt en stor aktør i musikkbransjen og fortsetter å produsere høykvalitets musikkinstrumenter og utstyr for både profesjonelle musikere og entusiaster.
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