Moog Matriarch Analog Synthersizer

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• Kraftig synth utviklet gjennom flere tiår med erfaring og arv
• 90 patch -punkter tilbyr total utforskning av den soniske galaksen
• Dual ADSR- og VCA-er for å hjelpe deg med å forme lyden til perfeksjon
• Ekspressivt 49-toners Fatar-keyboard med lappbar hastighet og aftertouch

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Unlock your creativity
The Matriarch’s design is based on the idea that imagination is key to creating sonic worlds. Total emphasis on creativity. This allows you to delve deeper into the world of synthesis and take yourself into undiscovered plains of sonic wonderment.

The patchable architecture offers huge scope for exploration and allows you to control many different parameters, much like that of a modular synth. The Matriarch plays very well with modular synths too and will fit brilliantly alongside your current rig.

The four-note paraphony allows you to create extremely rich textures – the harmonic shapes created can be stored on the easy-to-use 256 step sequencer. If you’re focusing on leads then the four oscillators can be stacked for huge mono sounds.

Classic design that looks to the future
Based on the original Bob Moog designs, the Matriarch is filled old school vibes yet evokes a very forward facing outlook.

The classic Moog module assortment features a 100 percent analog signal path. Spanning a huge range of sound-making and modulating circuits anything is possible. From huge bass lines to plucks and pads. The entire language of analog vocabulary can be reached with this exceptional synthesizer. From its ladder filters, the envelope generators, and incredible stereo analog delays. Nothing is out of reach.

Semi modular exploration
At its core, the Matriarch is a semi-modular synthesizer. This means there is an array of patch points. Great for modulating parameters within the synth’s circuitry.

The 90 points are easily accessible via patch cables – which have been kindly included with the Matriarch – giving you a lot of ways to play with and manipulate sounds. Although patching is incredibly powerful, it isn’t necessary. It gives you a much deeper level of control but the Matriarch can be used without having to patch anything.

The Matriarch is ready for stage and studio and is a hugely beneficial addition to your arsenal of sound creators. In fact, it might just take centre stage.

Moog SR Series Case For Matriarch
Protect and move
The Moog SR Series Case for Matriarch is the perfect solution for storing and transporting your Matriarch semi-modular synthesizer. The heavy-duty design helps to protect your synth from bumps, scrapes and scratches whilst on the move. With a semi-rigid ABS shell and a Ballistic Cordura exterior, the Moog SR Series Case provides maximum protection for your synth, helping to keep your components and circuitry in fully working order.




Moog er et amerikansk selskap som produserer elektroniske musikkinstrumenter og modulære synthesizere. Selskapet ble grunnlagt av Robert Moog i 1953 og har siden den gang vært en pioner innenfor elektronisk musikkproduksjon. Moog er kjent for å ha utviklet noen av de mest ikoniske synthesizerne gjennom tidene, inkludert Minimoog, Moog Modular og Voyager. Moog er fortsatt en stor aktør i musikkbransjen og fortsetter å produsere høykvalitets musikkinstrumenter og utstyr for både profesjonelle musikere og entusiaster.
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