All the tools you need
A massive selection of tools – in a compact form. Develop your musical ideas into fully-fledged songs with this superb controller. The design of the LaunchKey MK3 allows you to keep the ideas flowing with its streamlined interface. It features 25 keys, 16 RGB pads, an arpeggiator, with a fixed chord mode and live device macro controls. Get inspired with effortless workflow.

Works beautifully with your DAW
Designed to be used with your laptop. The LaunchKey Mini integrates perfectly with your DAW. Allowing you to control multiple aspects of your project with a twist of a dial or the slide of a fader. Focused on Ableton Live, the 16 pads match the colours of clips in Live’s session view making it easier than ever to select scenes. Controlling device macros is incredibly easy with the LaunchKey too, allowing intuitive control over your digital musical space. Whilst the focus is placed on Ableton users, mapping templates have been included for Logic Pro and Reason, as well as HUI support for Pro Tools and most other DAWs.

Full control
Helping you spend less time clicking with your mouse and more time getting down to business. The LaunchKey allows you to power up your creativity. The full arpeggiator with advanced MIDI control gives you new angles to make music. You can perform and record beats and percussion lines with chunky RBG pads and trigger chords from single keys with fixed chord mode.

There are, of course, a range of transport controls. With mute, solo, volume, pan and send controls. Meaning you have full control over your parameters. The LaunchKey feels just like a physical extension of Live more than ever. Helping you reconnect with your music-making.

Ableton Live Lite and the Sound Collective
Start making music straight out of the box thanks to the inclusion of Ableton Live Lite and Novation’s exclusive Sound Collective community hub. Ableton Live Lite is a streamlined version of the award-winning software, allowing you to create, edit and arrange your own music. Ableton Live Lite features 16 audio/MIDI tracks as well as four virtual software instruments. This powerful DAW allows you to get to grips with music production and build your skills from the ground up.

Expand your sonic arsenal with Sound Collective. Sound Collective is a buzzing community hub that keeps you up to date with the latest new releases and free downloads. It also provides massive discounts on high-end plugins as well as monthly giveaways.

Deep and intuitive Ableton Live control, including clip and scene launching, Device Macros, track select, transport, Capture MIDI, Stop/Solo/Mute, Volume, Pans, Sends and more
Creative arpeggiator with up to four octaves of range, multiple directions and rhythms, Swing, Latch, adjustable Gate time and Advanced MIDI Mode
Fixed Chord mode for triggering chords from single notes
MIDI Out enables connection to synths, drum machines and other MIDI hardware for performance, parameter control and program changes
Our best mini keybed yet for improved playability
16 pads are now RGB backlit for colour matching to clips, bigger, and feature improved velocity sensitivity
Eight rotary encoders, Pitch and Modulation touch strips, and a sustain pedal input for versatile physical control input
Massive software and soundware bundle included – make music right out of the box
Mapping templates and HUI compatibility for use with Logic Pro, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools and other DAWs
Complete with a copy of Ableton Live Lite – a streamlined version of the powerful, award-winning DAW
Exclusive access to ‘Sound Collective’ – the community hub from Novation that provides monthly giveaways, info on new releases and discounted plugins
Comes with 3-year warranty from Novation
Keys: 25 minikeys
Touch Strips:
1 x Touch Strip for Pitch-bench with centre zero
1 x Touch Strip for Modulation
Knobs: 8
Pads: 16 RGB Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Pads
Transpose Buttons
Octave Up/Down Buttons (with Preset function as shift)
Play and Record Buttons
Arp, Fixed Chord Buttons
Stop/Solo/Mute Button
Scene Launch Button
MIDI Out: 3.5mm jack socket for MIDI Out (MIDI din break-out cables NOT included)
Power: USB bus powered
Dimensions (LxDxH): 330mm x 172mm x 31mm (40mm including knob-caps)

Vekt 1,5 kg