Ortofon VNL

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• High-end Ortofon moving magnet cartridge for DJs
• Headshell attachable cartridge gives the VNL ultimate compatibility
• Computer assisted design and manufacturing ensures long service life and audio precision
• Spherical stylus design for ultimate groove tracking and reducing record wear
• Includes VNL II Stylus that is interchangeable with other VNL styli

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A versatile choice for a modern DJ
A cartridge for old school vinyl DJs and budding wax junkies looking to spin their precious record collections in style. The Ortofon VNL is a modern take on classic headshell-mounted cartridges that dominated the DJ scene throughout the 80s and 90s. In the world of DJing, it is important that you can tailor your setup to suit your play style. The VNL cartridge includes a replaceable VNL II stylus which you can change when it starts to wear out. There are three different types of VNL replacement styli you can choose from, I, II and III.

These replacement styli have different compliance ratings and suspension: the VNL I stylus is flexible for improved groove tracking, the VNL II stylus is rigid which helps reduce unwanted feedback, and the VNL III is a firm stylus designed for sturdiness, a long service life and resonance reduction. Since the Ortofon VNL is attachable to any headshell, you can mount it on any tonearm with ease, allowing you to use the VNL cartridge on either your DJ or HIFI turntable, using the VNL for either DJing or to enjoy your collection.

Precision engineered for professional DJs
To ensure the survival of the VNL in the hectic world of DJing, the cartridge has been developed to be as sturdy as possible, using computer assisted design and manufacturing. Each internal component is precisely machined and robotically assembled to ensure uniformity and accuracy. The industrial grade inner components are protected by the outer body, made from hard plastic, which prevents damage and interference within.

The VNL Cartridge is equipped with a spherical stylus that provides optimal groove tracking and ensures the preservation of your records. The VNL provides excellent resistance to scratching, cueing and back-spinning whilst retaining high tracking performance for both digital vinyl systems and real vinyl records. The Ortofon VNL Moving Magnet cartridge is a fantastic option for any seasoned DJ looking for a replacement for their legacy cartridges or for new vinyl fanatics to try a different style of DJ cartridge.

Ortofon headshell-mounted moving magnet DJ cartridge provides a dynamic style of play
Each component is precision machined using computer assisted manufacturing to ensure uniformity and sonic accuracy
Dynamic and adaptable cartridge that can be mounted to many different headshell designs and tonearms
Included VNL II stylus that can be replaced when worn out or swapped for either the VNL I or VNL III, with different suspension compliance ratings to suit your preference (sold separately)
Spherical stylus provides optimal groove tracking for both DVS and real vinyl, whilst minimising wear to your records.
Resistant to wear and tear from scratching, cueing and back spinning allowing you to perform professional DJ tricks.
Output voltage at 1000Hz: 5cm/sec. – 6 mV
Channel separation at 1kHz: – 20 dB
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz -2/+4 dB
Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force:
VNL II: 90 μm
Compliance, dynamic lateral:
VNL II: 15 μm/m N
Tracking force range: 3 – 5 g
Tracking force recommended: 4 g
Antiskating: for best backcueing performance use “0”
Internal impedance, DC resistance: 750 Ohm
Internal inductance: 450 mH
Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm
Recommended load capacitance: 200-600 pF
Cartridge weight: 6.5 g



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