Play with freedom
Pre-loaded with over 3000 high-quality samples, the Polyend Play lets you dive right into experimenting with your creativity. Place your sounds anywhere on the 192-pad grid to place the building blocks of your sound. Using the onboard sample-based controls, you can alter each step or parameter independently to create your own customised sequence for your tracks.

Take to the stage and perform
Lifting your tracks to the next level, the onboard Perform mode lets you add layers and automation to your compositions. Non-destructive, Perform mode allows you to edit a wide range of parameters such as tuning, filter cut-off, overdrive level, and reverb amongst others to adapt to your environment and creative expression. Every change you make can be saved independently for each step as a live recording as well as any mono or polyphonic MIDI you perform from an external keyboard or controller.

For the ultimate flexibility, Polyend Play allows you to customise pattern chains to map out entire sequences anywhere on the grid and perform them live. During the heat of the moment when performing live, mistakes can sometimes be made. Ensuring these mistakes aren’t costly and to keep you up and running, Polyend Play features instant Save and Recall for your customised patterns. Creating the perfect sound on the fly can be tricky in a live environment, fortunately, Polyend Play comes stacked with studio-grade effects such as Reverb, Delay, Sound Enhancer, Limiter and even a Saturator as Master effects to take your sound design to the next level.

Let your sequence do the work
Boasting unrivalled depth and possibilities, Polyend Play is the ultimate sequencing groovebox. Eight internal audio tracks and eight individual polyphonic MIDI tracks combine for powerful integration with your existing instruments. Wading through 128 onboard patterns, each comprised of 16 tracks with 16 variations, you are presented with over 30,000 possible combinations to choose from. Not only are there a staggering number of options, but Polyend Play also employs independent parameters via the onboard encoders, allowing you to adjust Swing, Tempo, Note Length and much more.

Powerful MIDI integration lets you seamlessly connect your Polyend Play to any existing drum machines, sequencers or synthesizers in your collection. Each track features independent MIDI values, allowing you to control external instruments independently.

Combine eight internal audio tracks and eight polyphonic MIDI tracks
Wide range of independent controls including Note length, Tempo, Swing, Filter Cutoff, Overdrive and much more
128 patterns per project, comprised of 16 tracks each with up to 16 variations, totalling more than 30,000 combinations
Advanced randomizer and randomizer type offer unpredictability in your performance
Add the finishing touches to your sound with master reverb, delay, limiter and saturation
Unique Perform mode with a vast array of presets
Comes included with over 3000 high-quality samples and 8 tracks
Rugged anodized aluminium faceplate is ready for the rigours of the road
Durable mechanical keys and encoders with resiliant silicone pads
High-resolution compact screen
Powered by USB or via included power supply
Flexible connectivity includes MIDI IN and OUT and 1/8″ stereo output
Includes 16 GB Micro SD Card with Micro SD to USB adapter

Vekt 1,8 kg