Torso Electronics T-1 Algorithmic CV/Gate & MIDI Sequencer

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• Nyskapende og intuitiv sequencer fra danske Torso
• Kontroller modulære, hardware synths og softsynths både via CV/Gate, MIDI og USB
• Lag arpeggierende mønstre og melodiske strukturer
• T-1 har 16 banker, med 16 mønstre i hver bank – totalt 256 mønstre er alltid tilgjengelig
• Filter Musikk anbefaler!

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Torso Electronics T-1: A new approach to sequencing
T-1 uses a set of parameter driven algorithms with musical constraints that allows for dynamic hands-on control on every aspect of the composition. It lets you dive deep in musical exploration, and create ever-surprising musical structures.

By rethinking how you interact with sequencers, we’ve created an approach where the composition is sculpted with a set of parameters. Much like you would sculpt a sound on a synth. The interface enables a fluent and evolving workflow of modulating melodies and rhythms.

Feature overview

Create Euclidean rhythms, add repeating notes, make arpeggiating patterns and melodic structures
Add random modulation to every parameter of each track. The randomness can be locked into loops, giving you more control
Change the musical feel by changing the timing and accent of the notes.
Build chords on the 16 polyphonic tracks. Scroll though harmonies and lock notes into musical scales.
T-1 has 16 banks, with 16 patterns in each bank – a total of 256 patterns are always readily available
Euclidean rhythms
The main source of rhythm generation on T-1 is based on the Euclidean algorithm – a powerful tool for generating a vast variety of rhythmic patterns.

The Euclidean algorithm functions by distributing a determined number of pulses as evenly as possible across a determined number of steps in a rhythmic cycle. By changing the number of pulses and steps together with the rotation of the cycle almost all traditional rhythms can be generated.

‍As an additional layer, it is also possible to add or remove pulses like on a regular step sequencer on top of the Euclidean rhythm.

Arpeggiating patterns
T-1 features a note repeater that lets you add repeats on top of pulses to build repeating and arpeggiating patterns. The amount and timing of the repeats can be changed. Furthermore, the repeats can be arranged and voiced in different ways to create classic arppegiator styles and much more.

Melodic structures and musical scales
T-1 allows you to lock notes into musical scales and create melodies by modulating the pitch with different melody phrases and looping random sequences. The T-1 features both preset- and user customizable scales. Melodies and chords can be transformed through scaling and transposition using melody and pitch.

Additionally, T-1 lets you scroll through chords using a voice-leading algorithm. The algorithm is based on classical music theory allowing for rich and harmonically pleasing chord progressions.

Randomize everything
The possibilities for musical variation on T-1 are endless. Randomization can be added to every parameter on each track, making it possible to add slight variations to total random chaos.

To give more control over the modulation, the randomness can be locked into loops and scaled. The looped random sequence can also be set to slowly evolve, generating variations on the composition over time.

Ableton Link
T-1 lets you keep track of time with Ableton Link over WiFi. Link is a technology that synchronizes beat, phase and tempo of your DAW and Link-enabled devices and apps over a wireless network.

It lets you play together with the freedom of a live band. All connected devices can start and stop their part while others keep playing, and anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow.

Performance tools
T-1 is designed to be a tool for improvising and performance. A set of performance tools provide access to rapid and radical changes to the compositions in creative ways.

Make relative parameter changes on one or multiple tracks simultaneously, save the changes or return to the starting point. These tools make it fast to create musical progressions or explore different variations to the composition.


Torso Electronics

Torso Electronics er et nyoppstartet selskap basert i København, Danmark. Deres første produkt er en nyskapende algoritmisk sequencer med navnet T-1.

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