Wavetable Power
Wavetable synthesizer is a very powerful way to create interesting and evolving sounds. It uses sound synthesis to create periodic waveforms. Craft Synth offers up to 8 oscillators from a bank of 40 waveforms. It uses this method to generate new and exciting sounds with easily allowing you to start you sound design process off on the right foot.

With three envelope generators for filter, amplitude, and modulation, dive deeper into the sound design process – utilise these to add more movement and evolution to your sound. Audio rate LFO’s push your sonic movement even further opening a world of possibility.

Intuitive Design
It’s all the little features that help the Craft stand out. From the 64 preset locations, to the 8 key touch keyboard, the powerful delay and distortion effects, and the sequenced arpeggiator. All adding up to a unmitigated sonic experience, the Craft unlocks a wide creative landscape. This battery powered synthesizer gives you everything you need to create unique sounds.

Upgraded performance with Firmware V1.4
The eight oscillator, wavetable engine proves popular with DAWless electronic musicians as well as electronic wind controller performers and with this in mind, Craft Synth 2.0 boasts new features and improvements for better integration with these users.

A newly designed feature is MIDI Breath Control. CC2 messages can now be mapped to either the modulation wheel, aftertouch or expression modulation destinations for expressive control over your performances.

Firmware V1.4 also delivers improvements in performance parameters by fixing Auto-Glide behaviour as well as improving Window Amp Sync MIDI behaviour, MIDI Pitch Bend Range and a host of other features to deliver the smoothest and best experience possible.

Monophonic wavetable synthesizer
8 oscillators in total with 2 selectable waveforms and mixer stage
40 unique waveforms available split into 8 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets
VA, digital and generative waves are available along with selections from the Modal 002
Process and cross modulate waveforms with 1 of 16 oscillator modifiers including Frequency / Phase Modulation, Hard / Window Sync, Ring / Amp Modulation, Derez / Bitcrush, Wavefolders and Waveshapers
Multi option Unison / spread to detune the 8 oscillators for a huge sound
3 x envelope generators for Filter, Amplitude and Modulation
2 x audio rate LFOs
8 slot modulation matrix with 8 sources, each source can have 1 destination. (LFO1, LFO2 and MOD-EG assignable from Craft Synth, Velo, Note, ModW, AftT and Expression assignable from MODALapp)
Program and transpose patterns with the built in sequenced arpeggiator
2-pole resonant filter that can be morphed from low pass, through band pass, to high pass
Delay and distortion (waveshaping overdrive, not bitcrushing) effects
Optional MIDI clock sync for LFOs and Delay
64 preset storage locations
8 key touch MIDI keyboard with 8 custom scales and root note selection
MIDI DIN in and out
Analog clock sync in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)
Class compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer or tablet
Headphone and line output
Powered by USB or 3 x AA batteries
Optional software editor available for macOS, Windows, iOS and Android
Portable and compact design
Dimensions: 150mm x 135mm x 68mm (6”x5 1/2”x 3”)

Vekt 1 kg