Ortofon Stylus MKII MIX


Erstatnings stylus for Ortofon MIX MKII

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Replacement stylus
Larger, wider and more robust stylus body
Easier to grip and handle
Better fix by metal spring
Tactile feedback of correct mount
Provides snug and secure fit once mounted
Large stylus viewing cut-out
Output Voltage at 1000Hz 5cm/sec: 6 mV
Channel Balance at 1kHz :1,5 dB
Channel Separation at 1kHz: 20 dB
Channel Separation at 15 kHz: 15 dB
Frequency Range at -3dB: 20-20.000 Hz
Tracking Ability at 315 Hz at Recommended Tracking Force: 100 μm
Compliance, Dynamic Lateral: 14 μm/m N
Stylus Type: Spherical R 18 μm
Tracking Force Range: 2 – 4 g
Tracking Force Recommended: 3 g
Recommended Exclusively For: Concorde MkII MIX