Best in class audio quality
Universal Audio boasts a rich heritage of producing the finest sounding interfaces and outboard equipment for your studio and with Volt 176, this is no different. Delivering superior audio quality with 24-bit/192kHz audio conversion means that every detail and minutia of your performance will be picked up and translated into your computer, meaning no matter how dynamic your performance is, Volt 176 will keep up with you every step of the way.

Add warmth and flavour to your sound with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode
Exclusive for the UA Volt interfaces, the Vintage Mic Preamp Mode captures the essence of a vintage UA 610 tube preamplifier to add to your recording signal. Used by the greats of the past such as Ray Charles and Van Halen, the Vintage Mic Preamp Mode will subtly shape your sound with a rich and warm layer of organic saturation that fills out your signal for sonic perfection. Perfect for adding character to a vocal performance or for adding subtle tone shaping to an electric guitar signal, you will quickly see why this preamp became a hit with the stars.

Control volume peaks with Universal Audio Compression
Inspired by the industry classic Universal Audio 1176 Limiting Amplifier, the Volt 176 Audio Interface features an innovative analog compression circuitry that produces album-ready punch and depth to your source tones. The compressor circuit features three perfectly tailored presets for vocals, guitars and synths on a simple button, removing the need for any overcomplicated switches or dials. Producers and recording engineers will now be able to quickly and easily tame the dynamics of a driving bass guitar performance to add consistency and punch with ease. Whether you’re looking to tame dynamics or add character to your vocal performance, this simple solution can help you achieve the depth and weight to your tracks to be put alongside the pros.

Get creative with the curated suite of audio software
With Volt, you are given access to a carefully selected range of useful, creative and inspiring music production tools that will help you to create the music you’ve always dreamt of. Where other interfaces may include an overwhelming range of options, Volt gives you exactly what you need to stay inspired and level up your production. Discover plug-ins such as Celemony’s Melodyne, a pitch correction software, as well as virtual instruments from Spitfire Audio and UJAM and of course a place to record it all onto with the Ableton Live DAW.

Easy in, easy out
Giving you everything you need and leaving out all the frills, the Volt 176 packs in a tremendous amount of functionality in a simple 1-in/2-out interface. With two balanced 1/4 inch outputs, you can connect your favourite studio monitors or speakers in a stereo configuration and the combination input features both unbalanced TRS and female XLR connectivity to plug in your instruments and microphones. With Volt, you’ll be creating like a pro at breakneck speed.

iPad & iPhone Ready
For producers on the go, the Volt 176 provides the perfect solution. iOS compatibility allows you to create beats and record your instruments anywhere you are in the world, whether you’re travelling between studio sessions or rehearsals or on your tour bus, never miss a moment when inspiration strikes with Volt 176 USB Audio Interface.

Please note: IOS requires external Volt power supply and an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (except iPad Pro with USB-C).

1-in and 2-out audio interface with premium 24-bit/192kHz audio conversion
Vintage-inspired interface with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode for a rich and warm gain stage
Add clarity and punch to your input source with the integrated analog 1176 compressor
Perfect for vocals, guitar, bass and much more
Compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS devices
Comes included with a range of premium production software including Albeton Live Lite, Melodyne, UJAM’s virtual drummer, Softube guitar and bass amplifiers including Marshall Plexi Classic and Ampeg bass amp.
Studio-quality headphone output for crystal clear monitoring
USB-bus powered for compact and portable recording
+48v application for use with condenser microphones
Direct monitoring for latency-free recording
MIDI input and output to connect to a host of external instruments and effects
Housed in a stylish and rugged casing with artisanal wood edges
USB-C – USB-A cable included
Software included
Marshall Plexi Classic Amp
Time & Tone Bundle
Plugin Alliance:
Ampeg SVT-VR Classic
Brainworx bx_tuner
Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic
Virtual Drummer DEEP
Virtual Bassist DANDY
Ableton Live Lite
Celemony Melodyne Essential
Relab LX480 Essentials
Spitfire LABS
System requirements
Operating system:
Mac: 10.14 Mojave or later
Windows: Windows 10 64-bit edition
iOS: iOS 14 or later
USB Port: 2.0 or higher
Processor: Intel, AMD, or Apple Silicon processor

Vekt 1,3 kg